Enrollment Verification

An enrollment verification is a document indicating a students enrollment status and includes enrolled status full or part-time, credit hours, expected date of graduation.

For verification of a degree, order an official transcript.

Enrollment Verification Sources

Office of the Registrar

Type: Paper, stamped with official seal.
Semesters available: Current.
Current semester available during add/drop.

  1. Login to Webcat
  2. Select Registration
  3. Select Enrollment Verification
  4. Select Request Current Term Enrollment Verification
  5. Select Term, Type, Number of Copies and click Continue
  6. Select 'One of your addresses' from dropdown OR enter a third party address.
  7. Click Continue
  8. Review information and select Submit Request.


  • PICK-UPs - enter 'Pick-up' in the Issued to field.
  • 'One of your addresess', do not enter another address in fields below.
  • If entering a different address, use the 'Issued to' field to name the person or company receiving the verification.
  • If not correctly addressed, you will receive an email notification the request cannot be processed.

Processing times:
Pick-ups -  With a photo ID, available after 12:00pm the following business day at the Office of Registrar, Stoke Hall, 180.
Mail - One business day (excluding holidays/weekends).

National Student Clearinghouse

Type: Downloadable PDF.
Semesters available: Current or Past.
Current semester available after add/drop.

  1. Login to Webcat
  2. Select Registration
  3. Select Enrollment Verification
  4. Select Connect to the National Student Clearinghouse
  5. Choose Current enrollment (current semester) OR All enrollment (all semesters attended) and click the link Obtain an enrollment certificate
  6. Open or save PDF Certificate

Ski Pass Information

Ski areas allow students to present an enrollment verification from the National Student Clearinghouse as proof of enrollment. This is a free service and is accessible 24/7 through Webcat.