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Academic Catalog 2021/2022

Deadlines - Undergraduate, Graduate and Law School

Mid-January: Academic catalogs open for editing.

March 15: Curriculum and Course change requests due to Provost Office.

May 7: Workflow started on all catalog pages by editors.

June 4: Catalog pages approved by College Dean's Office Catalog Liaisons.

June -July: Office of Registrar finalizes catalogs with College Dean's Offices.

Mid-August: Catalogs published online. College website APIs refresh with 21/22 catalog content.

October: Faculty data updated and comprehensive PDFs published.

Support and Resources

Next Catalog editor login: nextcatalog.unh.edu

Support Requests: https://tdforms.unh.edu/courseleaf/
Submit a ticket to report issues, bugs, editor/user/role changes or page modification requests.

Catalog Questions? Academic.Catalog@unh.edu

Web Best Practices & Editorial Style Guide

Training Opportunities

CourseLeaf Academic Catalog - New Editors & Refresher
Sessions offered: February/March TBA or by request
Time: TBA
Location: Zoom

CourseLeaf Academic Catalog - Lab for Editors
Sessions offered: March/April/May
Time: TBA
Location: Zoom

Academic Master Calendar

Registrar's Calendar (PDFs)

All deadlines are posted on the Academic Master Calendar.

Office of the Provost  - Curriculum change request process.

Class lists and student information:

  1. Login to Webcat
  2. Select: Faculty Services
  3. Class lists are only accessible to the instructor(s) of the course
  4. Student information is limited to students listed as advisees, or students registered in a course the faculty member is the instructor.
  5. If more information is needed than Webcat provides, apply for access to the BANNER Student Information System. BANNER account requests are submitted through Information Technology (IT), choose 'Support' menu.

Grant Permission - Registration Override:

Step by Step with Screenshots

  1. Login to Webcat
  2. Select: Faculty Services
  3. Select: Student Menu
  4. Select: View Student Schedule
  5. Select: Term
  6. Search for student by name or ID number
  7. Click Submit to choose student
  8. Select: Registration Overrides (scroll below schedule)
  9. Select: Grant Permission from Override drop down
  10. Select: Course to grant permission for, verify and click Submit
  11. Note: permission may only be granted by the Primary Instructor of the course
  12. Permission granted displays under Current Student Overrides

Release a RAC:

  1. Login to Webcat
  2. Select: Faculty Services
  3. Select: Advisor Menu
  4. Select: RAC Distribution
  5. Select: Term
  6. Search for Student by name or ID number
  7. Click Submit to choose student
  8. The students RAC information will display
  9. Select: Assign RAC to release RAC to the student
  10. Confirmation page will display stating RAC Assignment recorded