Course Instructional Method

Instructional Method (course modality)

Instruction method (course modality) is coded on courses to indicate how the content of a course is delivered to students.

  • Not every course will be available in every instructional method (course modality).
  • Some classes that are listed as online may have recitations or lab sections that are in person/face-to-face and scheduled separately for the same course.

Course Schedule

Instructional Method Definitions

In Person/Face to Face (IPFF)

Courses meeting in person/face to face. Class activity is organized around scheduled meeting days, times and locations. Web based activity may complement class sessions without materially reducing the number of required in person class meetings. 

Hybrid/Blended (HYBL)

Hybrid courses use a mix of instructional methods and content is delivered through a combination of online and in-person meetings at specified days, times, and location. In a hybrid primarily in person course, a more significant amount of time is spent in person for instruction.

Courses delivered through in person meetings that require web-based interaction only for testing or other examinations should be coded as In Person/Face to Face.

Online Asynchronous (ONLA)

The course is 100% online and all direct instruction occurs under time delay; that is, direct instruction is recorded/stored and accessed later. These courses include no requirements for in person/face-to-face contact, on-site instruction, or for the student to be online at specified times (except proctored exams when applicable). 

Online Synchronous (ONLS)

The course is online, and all or some of the direct instruction occurs in real time without time delay. All class activity is completed online and organized around scheduled class meeting days/times. All instruction and interaction occur via electronic communication or equivalent mechanisms. There is no requirement for on-site instruction. Except proctored exams (in person or online when applicable).