Grade Rules


Incomplete (IC)

Students unable to complete their assigned coursework due to extenuating circumstances may request an incomplete grade from the instructor. If the instructor agrees, students must follow the guidelines set by the instructor and/or those below to resolve the incomplete. Incomplete grades unresolved by the deadlines listed below will result in a grade of "F"Students may not graduate with an IC on the transcript.  All Incompletes must be resolved before a degree is awarded.

  • Undergraduate courses (numbered below 800) - All students have until mid-semester of the subsequent term to finish their coursework (unless an earlier date is set by the instructor) and have a grade submitted. (Grades for Fall and January Term incompletes are due at mid-semester in the Spring; Grades for Spring and Summer incompletes are due at mid-semester in the Fall).
  • Graduate courses (numbered 800 and above) - Graduate students and non-degree students enrolled in courses numbered 800 and above have until the last day of classes of the subsequent term (unless an earlier date is set by the instructor) to complete their coursework. Fall and January Term incomplete work is due the last day of class in the Spring; Spring and Summer incomplete work is due the last day of class in the Fall.

Students may petition for an extension of the deadline. Petitions must be approved by the student's instructor, adviser and college dean and will generally be granted only for extraordinary, non-academic reasons. Undergraduate extensions beyond the end of the semester are rarely approved. The Graduate School must approve extension petitions for graduate courses. Non-degree students should submit petitions to Nate Talbot, University Advising and Career Center (UACC), Hood House.

See Student Rule 07.131(s).

IX Grade

  • No Final Grades were submitted by the instructor (or they were received after grades were updated).
  • The instructor did not assign a grade to an individual student or a small group of students.
    •   Grades cannot be recorded until they are turned into the Registrar's Office.
    •   Late grades are usually updated within 24 hours of receipt and are immediately available in Webcat.
    •   If a student needs proof of a grade, he or she will need to order a transcript or print a copy of his/her grade(s) from Webcat.

The Records Office will request that the instructor file a Special Grade Report form with the missing grade for each student. Special Grade Report forms must be signed by the student’s College Dean before they can be processed.

Pass/Fail Regulations

Undergraduate degree candidates only.

  1. Download or pick up a Pass/Fail Form from the Registrar's Office, Stoke Hall, have your adviser sign it, and return the form to the Registrar's Office BEFORE THE END OF ADD PERIOD of the given semester.
  2. Pass/Fail cannot be used for Discovery Program requirements, for courses used to satisfy the University Writing Requirements, for courses required by your major or second major, for option or minor requirements, for English 401, or to repeat courses. In addition, BA degree candidates may not use Pass/Fail for courses used to meet the foreign language requirements.
  3. The minimum passing grade is D-.
  4. Only one course (4 cr.) per semester may be taken Pass/Fail up to a maximum of 16 credits for Bachelor's degree candidates and 8 credits for Associate's degree candidates.
  5. All students, in their first term at the University, have the option to change up to 4 credits from graded to Pass/Fail at any point prior to the Friday of the 10th week of the semester.


Entering Grades in Webcat

Note: All grades do not need to be entered into the Webcat final grade worksheet at one time. Submit grades frequently, and return at any time through the deadline.

Changes to grades may be made in Webcat up until the deadline for submitting final grades. No special grade report is required for the changes. However, if a student's grades have rolled to their academic history, a special grade report is then required to make a change.

Not able to access your courses on Webcat or need help?
UNH Durham: Contact Claudia Cauchon or Liz Smith to confirm the listed instructor.
UNH Manchester: Contact Doreen Palmer, Marie O'Neil or Katie Hanagan.
Technical assistance is available from the UNH Help Desk at (603) 862-4242


  1. Login to MyUNH
  2. Go to Webcat
  3. Select the “Faculty Services” menu.
  4. Select “Final Grades”.
  5. Select the appropriate term from drop-down menu, click “Submit”.
  6. Select one of your courses from the drop-down menu and click “Submit”.
  7. Enter a grade for each student by selecting one from the drop-down box under the heading “Grade”. Grades are listed in alphabetical order. Note: Do not enter anything in the “Last Attend Date” or “Attend Hours” fields.
  8. Remember to submit your selections frequently as there is a time-limit for the page appearing on the screen. Grades that are not submitted will have to be re-entered if you experience a time out on a single page. Once you submit a set of grades you will receive the message “The changes you made were saved successfully.” This message will appear under the time limit message at top of the page.
  9. Continue this process until all of the students on the roster have received a grade. Note: If you are not ready to give grades to all students, it is okay to leave them set at “NONE” until you enter a grade.
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on “CRN selection” to select another CRN. Then click “Final Grades” on the menu.
  11. When you have finished grading and submitted your grades be sure to logout of WEBCAT.
  12. NOTE: Changes may be made to grades on the rosters until the WEBCAT deadline for submission. If you return to WEBCAT to review a completed roster and don’t make changes, you still have to click the “Submit” button to exit. The following message appears in this situation: “You have made no changes to the final grades or attendance hours. No changes were made to the database.”