Grade Rules


Incomplete (IC)

A notation of incomplete (IC) shall be recorded on a student’s record only if a major portion of the entire work of the course has been completed and if the instructor approves the student’s request for additional time to complete the coursework. The initiation and responsibility for finishing the incomplete work rests with the student.

When the work of the course has been completed, a final grade for the term will be submitted on a special grade form to the student’s college dean. The form indicating completion of the work must be filed with the Registrar no later than the middle of the semester immediately following the one in which the incomplete was granted. A petition requesting an extension of time beyond mid-semester, if approved by the instructor, may be submitted to the dean of the student’s college. An extension will be granted by the dean only under unusual circumstances.

If the work is not completed within the specified time, the grade will be recorded as F. Note: An Incomplete in a student's final semester will delay graduation date even if the course is not required for graduation.

Student Rule 07.131(fs)

IX Grade

  • No Final Grades were submitted by the instructor (or they were received after grades were updated).
  • The instructor did not assign a grade to an individual student or a small group of students.
    •   Grades cannot be recorded until they are turned into the Registrar's Office.
    •   Late grades are usually updated within 24 hours of receipt and are immediately available in Webcat.
    •   If a student needs proof of a grade, he or she will need to order a transcript or print a copy of his/her grade(s) from Webcat.

Pass/Fail Regulations

Undergraduate degree candidates only.

  1. Download or pick up a Pass/Fail Form from the Registrar's Office, Stoke Hall, have your adviser sign it, and return the form to the Registrar's Office BEFORE THE END OF ADD PERIOD of the given semester.
  2. Pass/Fail cannot be used for Discovery Program requirements, for courses used to satisfy the University Writing Requirements, for courses required by your major or second major, for option or minor requirements, for English 401, or to repeat courses. In addition, BA degree candidates may not use Pass/Fail for courses used to meet the foreign language requirements.
  3. The minimum passing grade is D-.
  4. Only one course (4 cr.) per semester may be taken Pass/Fail up to a maximum of 16 credits for Bachelor's degree candidates and 8 credits for Associate's degree candidates.
  5. All students, in their first term at the University, have the option to change up to 4 credits from graded to Pass/Fail at any point prior to the Friday of the 10th week of the semester.