Summer and January Term Aid

Durham Aerial Summer

    *24-25 Summer Aid Processing*

    Due to the delayed rollout of the 24-25 FAFSA, the timing of summer aid packages will be impacted. If you would like to use federal aid towards your summer courses, please complete the Request for Summer Aid form in Webcat when it becomes available. You will be notified via email when your summer aid has been processed. Please review the additional FAQs below for more information about summer aid offerings.

    Please note, in recognition of the delay in processing, late fees will not be charged on summer balances until aid has been processed.

    What type of financial aid is available for Summer courses?

    The UNH Financial Aid Office awards Summer Work-StudyPell Grant and Direct Loan funds. Parents and graduate students also can apply for a federally insured PLUS loan. Students can apply for private alternative loans.

    Can I receive financial aid from UNH if I am a non-degree student?

    Non-degree students are not eligible for federal aid from UNH (Work-StudyPell Grant and Direct Loan). You can, however, apply for an alternative loan. Student can utilize ELMSelect to find a lender that allows for less than half-time and non-degree students.  Apply online with the lender and submit the Request for Summer Aid (found in WEBCAT in mid-March; click the financial aid tab, complete and submit).

    Do I need to file an application for Summer financial aid?

    Yes. You must file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) annually. Additionally, you need to fill out a Request for Summer Aid; this form can be found in WEBCAT once summer course registration is available, click on Financial Aid tab, complete and submit.

    Do I need to be enrolled in coursework during the Summer to qualify for summer aid?

    You must be a degree candidate to be considered for Work-StudyPell Grant and Direct Loan and enrolled at least half-time to receive a Direct Loan or a PLUS loan (six credits for undergraduates, five credits for graduate students). An alternative loan may be available for those who will be enrolled less than half-time.

    You do not need to be enrolled in coursework to be considered for the summer work-study program. However, you do need to be enrolled at least half-time during the coming Fall semester.

    How do I apply for financial aid for Summer classes?

    1. Fill out the Request for Summer Aid once summer course registration is available. If you are going to be at least half-time you can borrow from your Direct Loan eligibility (generally one-third of your yearly maximum) but it will reduce what is available for the fall and spring semesters. If you are not going to be attending half-time or you need more than your Direct Loan allows, you can borrow from an alternative loan. You will still need to complete the Request for Summer Aid application.
    2. Check your WEBCAT account for any outstanding requirements needed to process your financial aid (summer is considered part of the next academic year). Check Aid Status
    3. Once you receive an email from us regarding your summer loan/grant eligibility, you may register online, using your award towards the cost of your classes. If your summer bill is more than your summer loan/summer Pell Grant, you are responsible for the difference at the time of registration.

    Participation in January Term can have an affect on a student's academic year financial aid or full-or part-time status at UNH. For example, a student who earns four credits during January Term and eight credits during the UNH spring semester is considered a full-time student.

    Financial aid may be used if you have a credit from fall or spring packages. If you use a portion of your spring semester financial aid package and subsequently do not enroll in the spring semester, you are liable for any January Term course charges.