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Permits for Semeseter II: 

Campus Residents:  All campus resident permits, plus moped permits are sold out and wait-listed for semester II.  If you are a non-freshman campus resident who will be needing a parking permit spring semester, please use the link below to get on your desired wait-list.  We will make every effort to get permits to those who desire, but please note the strong possibility that there will not be enough space to go around and you may need to make alternate arrangements. 
Click here to access wait-list for sold-out permit types.

Commuters:   Permits for Semester II are on sale online now to eligible students living at eligible off-campus addresses.   Commuters please CLICK HERE to start your order. 
(Please  remember, if you bought a '18-'19 commuter permit last fall and remain eligible, the permit is good until 5/18/19; you don't need to buy another one!)


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