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The University Academic Catalog is the official record of the undergraduate, graduate and law schools curricular program requirements and course descriptions that apply to students who matriculate to UNH in a given academic year. The catalog also contains a summary of academic policies and procedures, descriptions of departments, colleges, program learning outcomes, and sample degree plans. The Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities handbook is also published annually within the catalog platform. The Office of the Registrar is the official publisher of the University Academic Catalog. In collaboration with the Colleges and Schools the catalog is published online each academic year.

The CourseLeaf Catalog system (CAT) is fully integrated with our curriculum inventory management system (CIM). All course data is managed in CIM-Courses and all program requirements, sample degree plans, student learning outcomes and accelerated master's designations are managed in CIM-Programs. Approved CIM proposals are automatically updated in the Next Catalog based on the effective date from the CIM proposal form.

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Academic Catalog & SRRR 2024/2025

(Undergraduate, Graduate, Law School Academic Catalogs and Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities)

September 2023: Courses Not Taught Reporting process and Department notification.

Mid-November: Academic Catalog/SRRR environment rolls to next edition.

December: CIM opens for 24/25 Course and Program proposals.

January 2024: Academic Catalog/SRRR environment prepared for editors.

February 19: Academic Catalog/SRRR opens for editing.

March 15: CIM Program and Course proposal deadline - proposals must be at Provost Office approval step by this date for inclusion in the academic catalog.

April 19: Workflow started on all catalog pages by department editors.

May 3: Catalog pages approved by College Dean's Offices.

May 17: All Catalog/SRRR pages approved for publishing by Registrar.

May 24: CourseLeaf completes preparation for publishing.

May 29: Academic Catalogs/SRRR Go Live. College/Dept websites refresh with 24/25 content.

Mid/Late June: Academic Catalog/SRRR Comprehensive PDFs available for download.

Only authorized faculty and staff may make edits to the content of the catalog. To request or update access for editors and approvers e-mail

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