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    Spring & Fall Semester

Add or Drop a course via Webcat through the published deadlines posted on the Master Academic Calendar.

  1. Go to and login. For login assistance call (603)862-4242.
  2. Select Webcat.
  3. Select Registration.
  4. Select Add/Drop Courses.
  5. Select Term (ex: Fall 2020) and Submit.
  6. Enter your RAC (if applicable).
  7. Enter the five digit course reference numbers (CRN) at the bottom of the page, or select Class Search
  8. Select Submit Changes.
  9. Select Complete when finished.
  10. For a printout of your schedule; go to Student Detail Schedule and choose Printable View.

Any student of the University may, with the approval of his/her adviser and the continuing consent of the instructor, audit courses at the University. 

  • The deadline for designating a registered course to audit is the 5th Friday of the fall or spring semester or the last day to drop without academic liability in Summer Session.
  • The instructor will determine requirements for attendance, participation, and any written work.
  • Audits appear on the academic record with a grade notation of ‘AU’; no credits are earned.
  • Students who do not meet the criteria set by the instructor will be dropped from the course.
  • Tuition varies for audit courses; see Undergraduate Tuition and Fees, Graduate Tuition and Fees, and Continuing Education Audit Privileges for details.
  • Download and complete an Audit Course Form



  • Undergraduate registration is limited to a maximum of 18 credits. Except to those majors requiring more than 18 credits. Consult with your advisor. Students may register up to a maximum of 20 credits the Tuesday before classes begin. Minimum GPAs are required. PAUL 3.0, TSAS 2.8, UNHM 2.0, all other colleges 2.0. Students who wish to exceed 20 credits must petition their dean and pay a tuition surcharge.
  • Graduate registration is limited to a maximum of 16 credits (12 credits for students with a full assistantship). Permission is required from the dean of the Graduate School to exceed the limit.
  • Part-Time Students (less than 12 credits): Any undergraduate degree student may attend on a part-time basis. No special permission is required, it is not necessary to withdraw or register through Continuing Education. Students contact Business Services regarding billing adjustments.


Students registering on or after the first day of classes are expected to pay tuition and fees at the time of registration. Students with unpaid bills may be dropped from their courses if payment is not received by the published deadlines. Bills are published to each student's Webcat account and not sent by postal mail. Notifications are sent to a students' UNH assigned email account.

More information about billing at Business Services.

  • Certain holds on accounts will prohibit registration.
  • View holds in Webcat under the Registration menu.

Contact for assistance with:

  • Overdue Account Balance
  • Reg Hold - UNCLEAR Status

Contact for assistance with:

  • Perkins/Inst Loan Default
  • Direct Loan Exit Counseling

Contact for assistance with:

  • GRAD Final Transcript Required
  • Grad Admit No Response
  • Grad Residency Needed

Graduate Continuing Enrollment & Doctoral Research

Webcat registration remains open for these courses through the 3rd Friday of the Fall and Spring semester.

Section specific information is available for the below courses at

  • GRAD 800 Continuing Enrollment
  • GRAD 900 Master's Continuing Research
  • DEPT 899/999

More information is available in the Academic Catalog.

Courses are mutually exclusive when course content is too similar to earn credit for both.

Students may not enroll if they have completed any mutually exclusive courses with a passing grade.

Petition for Variance in Academic Policy must be submitted for a mutually exclusive course to:

  • Request permission to register due to exceptional circumstances.
  • Request permission to exercise the repeated course rule.

Note: credit will not be awarded for the most recent course completed, unless approved by petition.

Grade Rules

Prerequisites: It is the responsibility of the student to ensure all prerequisites or other requirements for a course have been met.

Permission is required for restricted courses as follows:

Departmental Approval Required

  1. Permission granted by the department office.
  2. Go to the department office before you register in Webcat.

Permission Required

  1. Permission granted by the instructor.
  2. Go to the department office before you register in Webcat.

Field of Study, Class Restriction, or College Restriction

  • Permission (override) granted by the department office.
  • or, complete a (LINK: “Registration Override form”), bring to the Registrar's Office in Stoke Hall before registering for the course.

Time Conflict

  • Undergraduate students: submit a petition to your dean's office with both advisor and instructor signatures.
  • Graduate students: submit a petition to the Graduate School.

Co-Requisite Required

Students must register for co-requisite courses simultaneously (e.g. lecture and a lab).

Undergraduate degree students are issued a new RAC for fall and spring semester allowing registration during designated dates and times. RACs cannot be changed. If you lost your RAC and have used it at least once to register, you will be able to look up your RAC on Webcat by selecting View RAC on the Registration menu.

Graduate degree students do not require a RAC to register for courses.

Continuing Education non-degree students do not require a RAC to register for courses.

UNH Campus in the fall

Academic Policies

As a student, it is important to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations that govern our institution. With a strong commitment to integrity and respect, we strive to provide a safe and welcoming atmosphere that thrives on the diversity of its people and ideas.


Attendance is required at the first class meeting. If circumstances beyond your control prevent you from attending the first class meeting, please contact the faculty member or department administrator ahead of time. Students who fail to attend the first two class meetings may be required by the instructor to drop the course. 

Buckley Amendment

Family Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy

USNH Online Policy Manual


Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities

Grade Rules


The residency status of a student is determined by the permanent address given at the time of registration if there is no prior record as a matriculated student at UNH. If there is a prior record, that prior residency status remains in effect until a new certification of residency is filed with the institution.


Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities

As a member of the UNH community, the University affords a wealth of resources to support your success. The opportunities to learn and to grow are virtually limitless, shaped primarily by your motivation to rise to embrace the intellectual and personal challenges of a college education. As with any community, there are rules that have been developed to ensure a supportive and appropriate environment for learning. This year’s Student Rights, Rules, and Responsibilities outline those expectations that the University has established to foster an environment conducive to learning on—and beyond—the University campus.

Spring Semester 2022 - Webcat Registration Dates

Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Student Category
November 22 7:00 AM December 1 11:59 PM Senior: 90 or more credits earned
November 29 7:00AM December 1 11:59 PM

Junior: 58-89 credits earned

December 2 7:00 AM December 6 6:00 PM Freshman: 0-25 credits earned
December 7 7:00 AM December 10 11:59 PM

Sophomore: 26-57 credits earned

December 13 8:00 AM February 4  

Registration re-opens for ALL undergraduate courses

December 15 8:00 AM February 4  

Continuing Education/Non-Degree

Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Student Category
November 15 8:00 AM February 4   Graduate degree student
November 15 8:00 AM January 21  

Online Term 3

November 15 8:00 AM March 25   Online Term 4
December 15 8:00 AM February 4  

Continuing Education/Non-Degree

February 4 8:00 AM February 11  

Graduate student registration continues: GRAD 800, 900, DEPT 899, 999


Start Date Start Time End Date End Time Student Category
November 22 7:00 AM December 1 11:59 PM TSAS Third Year
November 29 7:00 AM December 1 11:59 PM

TSAS Senior

December 2 7:00 AM December 6 6:00 PM

TSAS Freshman

December 13 8:00 AM February 4  

Registration re-opens for ALL undergraduate courses


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