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Business Hours: Monday - Friday,  8 am - 4:30 pm • Stoke Hall Room 180

Registrars.Office@unh.edu •  P: (603)862-1500 •  F: (603)862-1817 • Continuing Education Toll-free (800)313-5327
University of New Hampshire, Office of the Registrar, 11 Garrison Avenue, Durham, NH 03824

University Registrar

Andy Colby

Academic Calendar, Catalog & Website

Kristin Bolton, Assistant Registrar

Course and Classroom Scheduling

Melina Elwy
, Associate Registrar
Hannah Goodrow, Course Scheduling
Amy Simon, Course Scheduling
Dana Moran, Course Data, Final Exams

Data, IT, Reports, Class Lists

Steve Bauermeister, Associate Registrar
Bev Comtois, Information Manager
Claudia Cauchon, Enrollment/Class Lists

Graduation, Diplomas, & Degree Works

Norma Bazylinski
, Assistant Registrar
Bin Bin Ngo, Graduation/Diplomas
Elaine Gamiao, Degree Works Coordinator

Records, Transcripts, & Transfer Credit

Liz Smith
, Associate Registrar
Laura Upham, Assistant Registrar
Ellen Cecchini, Transcripts
Tegan Moreno, Withdrawals, and Leave of Absence
Cheri Blair, ASAC/TAM and General Office Information


Mike Givens
, Assistant Registrar
Jacob Reny, Registration/Student Services
Kcia Schalk, Registration/Student Services