Transfer Credit

For course credit to transfer from another institution, the following criteria must be met:

  • An official transcript has been provided by the school where the course was taken.
  • The course was taken at an institution fully accredited by a regional association of schools and colleges.
  • The grade earned in the class was at least a "C" or its equivalent.
  • The course was not remedial or vocational in nature or taken as part of a non-credit certificate program. For a complete listing of UNH courses use our online catalog.
  • Mathematics coursework must be completed at the Pre-Calculus level, or higher, to transfer. No credit is awarded for mathematics courses which duplicate high school level Algebra or below. Credit is accepted for Finite Mathematics and Statistics courses.
  • To receive credit for elementary level foreign language coursework, a student cannot have completed two or more years of study in that same language in high school
  • Credit will not be awarded for any course taken the semester immediately following any academic suspension or dismissal from UNH; or while taking an approved leave of absence from UNH.

NOTE: Currently enrolled students must complete a Transfer Credit Prior Approval Form before enrolling in courses at another college or university.

Students who wish to receive credit for Advanced Placement exams from high school or the College Level Examination Program must have official scores sent directly from the College Board to UNH. More information available from the Office of Admissions.

The maximum credits accepted in transfer from all external sources:

  • 96 semester hours towards a bachelor’s degree.
  • 48 semester hours towards an associate degree.
  • 72 semester hours from associate level coursework to be applied to a bachelor’s degree (this restriction does not apply to associate degree programs at UNH-Manchester or the Thompson School of Applied Science).

Transfer credit is awarded for completed courses with a grade of “C” or better, provided those courses are comparable to courses offered at UNH.
No portion of the student's grade point average will transfer; transfer grades are not calculated into the UNH gpa.

Only courses awarded 2.5 or more semester credits can be used to satisfy Discovery Program requirements.

The Discovery Program Inquiry (INQ) requirement cannot be satisfied with transfer credit from another institution and must be taken at UNH.

Beginning on a students first day of classes at UNH, students will work with the Office of the Registrar and/or the Discovery Program Committee regarding any review of transfer credit used to meet Discovery Program requirements.

Students in their first or second semester at the university:

  • Contact the Office of the Registrar to discuss what steps are required .
  • Student will be required to submit a full course syllabus to the Office of the Registrar.

Students in their third semester or beyond at the university:

A course taken at another institution may not be used under the UNH repeated course rule. If credit is received for a UNH course, and an equivalent course is taken at another institution, no transfer credit will be allowed. Departments may accept equivalent course work at other institutions for grade only to satisfy departmental requirements, but no credit will be awarded.

Who reviews transfer credit?

  • Incoming students (have not started degree coursework yet) - Office of Admissions
  • Current Students (have started degree coursework) - Registrar’s Office

I took coursework at another school/through Running Start/at a community college–can I transfer those credits to UNH?

  • Any students who want to have previous coursework transferred to UNH must have an official transcript sent to the Registrar’s Office: Office of the Registrar, 11 Garrison Ave, Stoke Hall, Durham, NH 03824
  • Electronic transcripts can be sent to
  • The Registrar’s Office cannot confirm how coursework may transfer until an official transcript is received and processed.

How do I know if my transcript has been received and processed?

  • Please allow for several weeks from the time your transcript is sent for it to be reviewed.
  • All students are emailed when their transfer credit has been applied.

Any transfer credit is viewable on a student’s Degree Works evaluation

I have transfer credit for a course, but it is not satisfying a major requirement in Degree Works–why?

  • Students who think their transfer credit may satisfy a major requirement need to talk to their academic advisor.
    • The academic advisor will complete paperwork through their Dean’s Office if they approve transfer coursework to fulfill major requirements.
  • A student’s academic advisor will determine whether transfer courses will satisfy major requirements. The Registrar’s Office cannot determine if a class will fulfill a major requirement.

I think I have transfer credit, but I am not sure?

Any transfer credit that has been awarded will display on a student’s Degree Works evaluation, which will show what coursework has been accepted and how it fits into the degree program.
Be sure to check under the “Other Courses” category, as some transfer credit is accepted as elective credit only.

I want to take courses at another school. How do I know if they will count for credit at UNH?

  • Students who are interested in taking coursework a t another institution should complete a Transfer Credit Prior Approval form. This is the only official system to have courses reviewed for potential credit transfer.
    • The Registrar’s Office will review for elective credit and Discovery coursework.
    • The academic advisor will evaluate courses for major requirements.

If I have previously submitted a copy of my transcript from another university, CollegeBoard, or Study Abroad Experience, can I receive an unofficial copy of it from UNH?

  • No, UNH does not provide students with copies of any transcripts that they have previously submitted as those copies would not be considered official and therefore cannot be distributed.