Leave of Absence and Withdrawal Information

Any student not subject to academic or conduct action may take a temporary leave of absence from UNH.

Leave of Absence

Undergraduate students who are managing health concerns have the option to take a Health Leave of Absence. More information about that process is available from the Dean of Students. All other students interested in taking a leave of absence may email the Office of the Registrar's Leave Coordinator at registrar.records@unh.edu. Students who would like to be counseled on their decision may contact their Dean's Office.

Graduate students seeking a leave of absence should contact the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, Dovev Levine by email or call (603)862-2234.

A leave of absence may impact student loan deferment and/or loan repayment. Remember to contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss your financial aid status.

A student will not be granted transfer credit for academic work taken during the Leave of Absence.

Students who wish to attend another institution or otherwise do not wish to continue their education at UNH should Withdraw from the University.

Leave of Absence Policy.



Withdrawal from the University

Students who do not wish to return to UNH may withdraw. Withdrawing is a big decision. Students wishing to be counseled on their decision may contact their Dean's Office. Students who wish to withdraw may contact the Office of the Registrar's Leave Coordinator at registrar.records@unh.edu.

Students withdrawing for medical reasons should contact the Dean of Students.

Withdrawal from the University policy.

The Psychological and Counseling Services (PACS) is available for assistance with personal circumstances at (603) 862-2090.

Financial Aid and/or Business Services staff are available for assistance with financial circumstances and provide information about the financial consequences of withdrawing.



Returning from a Leave of Absence

Students who wish to return from a Leave of Absence for Health Reasons must complete a Request Form and submit it to Dr. Michael Blackman, Dean of Students, via scan/email to dean.students@unh.edu, or fax to (603) 862-3550 Attn: Dr. Michael Blackman along with a letter of support from a treatment provider. For more information on the health leave return process, including what is needed in the letter of support, visit the Dean of Students website.

All other students who wish to return from a leave of absence must email the Office of the Registrar's Leave Coordinator at registrar.records@unh.edu to obtain the necessary paperwork. Students must submit the paperwork by June 1 if returning for a Fall semester or by November 1 if returning for a Spring semester. Students will be reinstated into the same major at the point of their leave’s start. Normally, leaves of absence may not exceed three academic years or six semesters, exclusive of J-Term and Summer Session. Exceptions to the leave of absence policy will be granted by the University Academic Standards and Advising Committee and only in unusual circumstances.

If students wish to be admitted into a different major when returning from a leave, they should not fill out the Return from Leave of Absence Form. Instead, they must apply for readmission through the Admissions Office. The readmission form and more information can be found by visiting Previously Enrolled Students on the Admissions website.