Transfer Credit Database

The Transfer Credit Database is an interactive application that allows students to view how courses at other institutions have transferred into the University of New Hampshire. The information provided in the Transfer Credit Database is constantly being updated and does not substitute for an official evaluation of transfer credit by the Office of the Registrar or the Office of Admissions.

The Transfer Credit Database is not a substitute to the transfer credit prior approval process.

Current Students: In order for current students to guarantee that transfer coursework will be accepted by UNH, students must complete a Transfer Credit Prior Approval Form, and any additional documentation, required by the university. Current students must submit the Transfer Credit Prior Approval Form to the Registrar's Office for an initial review. Students will then obtain both their academic advisor and Dean's signature on the form. The Registrar's Office reviews for Discovery and general elective credit. A student's academic advisor is responsible for evaluating any courses that may satisfy major requirements.

Prospective Students: Office of Admissions evaluates transfer credit during the admission process

Transfer Credit Database video tutorial

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