TV Streaming Services

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UNH Housing partners with Comcast to offer their Xfinity on Campus streaming service to all on-campus residents. Xfinity on Campus users can view live, high definition content from their laptops, tablets, and smart phones using an easy-to-navigate application and guide while connected to the campus Wi-Fi network.

Xfinity on Campus also offers students in on-campus housing the option to purchase subscriptions to premium content like Starz, Encore, and the Sports and Entertainment Tier directly through the Xfinity on Campus application.

On-campus residents have access to live and on demand content through the Xfinity on Campus streaming service when connected to the University’s eduroam wireless network. To access the service from a laptop or desktop computer follow this link, Xfinity on Campus, and enter your UNH credentials when prompted.

To access Xfinity on Campus on a mobile device, download the Xfinity Stream mobile app. When signing in on the application select “Xfinity on Campus students sign in here”, then select “University of New Hampshire” and enter your UNH credentials.

The University of New Hampshire has a vast number of screens across campus for your digital signage services. Your flyers and videos can reach larger audiences too! If you are part of a recognized student organization, you may submit your content at: Look at the "Create-An-Ad" and "Guidelines" pages to see how to make great engaging flyers and videos and then follow the easy steps under the "Ad Submission" page.

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