Additional Housing Options

Vet Connect Housing

UNH Housing is eager to help you find your home on campus! We are pleased to be offering a specific on-campus housing community called Vet Connect for students with veteran status. We seek to provide a hassle-free environment and a community in place to help serve your individual needs. Vet connect housing offers spaces at the Woodside Apartment Complex where upperclassmen enjoy independence with the convenience and benefits of on-campus living. We understand that you might not be able to predict your schedule. There is no penalty for breaking the housing contract for military obligations.

Military & Veteran Services

How to Apply

Applying is easy - click the link below, log in, and identify yourself as a "Veteran Student" in the pull-down menu. Submit your application and we will contact you!

Submit Online Application

Transfer Community

The staff at the Woodside Apartments are so excited to have you, our new transfer student, join us for your first year at UNH! We know that there are a lot of challenges with being a transfer student, so our aim is to make your transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Before you know it, you’ll feel right at home here on campus.

As a community that focuses on transfer students, we strive to make the most of your first time at UNH by providing you with the tools and guidance necessary to succeed. We know this isn’t your first time in a college setting, but understand some of the issues that may arise for you as a new student on our campus. Therefore we’ve designed a curriculum that connects you with staff, students, and services all over campus. You’re a unique student, so you deserve to be part of a unique program.

Hunter Hall also has a Transfer Community!

Transfer Admissions Counselors

Transfer Orientation

Request a Peer Mentor or RSVP to the Transfer Meet-up


Gender Inclusive Housing

Incoming first-year students, as well as current undergraduate students, may choose to share a room with someone of any gender identity that is most comfortable and appropriate to their own identity.

First Year Students

First-year students will complete their housing application online noting their housing preferences. Roommate matching occurs randomly through our assignments system based on individuals’ answers to our values-based questions.

Roommates are paired by gender. However, there will be a section on the application asking for you to identify if you wish to be assigned with a roommate whose gender identity does not match your own, if that is most comfortable and appropriate for you based on your identity.

First-year students can request to be assigned to any residence hall on campus that they feel best meets their needs, and we encourage requesting the gender-inclusive housing community that is available in Alexander Hall, one of our first-year only buildings. This community offers a gender-inclusive restroom. However, students are free to request placement in the gender-inclusive housing community established in Devine Hall as well.

How to Apply

First year students will indicate an interest in “gender inclusive” housing on the online housing application.

Doing so will invite the student to share more information about what housing accommodations, including building/bathroom availability/roommate matching, they are hoping for. The Housing Department makes every effort to meet the requests of all students, but can make no guarantee of being able to do so.

Upper Division Students

Upper division students will self-select housing for the following year through our online room selection process each spring. All residence halls are mixed gender. Rooms are single-gender - except where gender-inclusive housing has been established in the Upper Quad. This community offers a gender-inclusive restroom.

How to Apply

In the Spring semester, upper division students will participate in the online room selection process to select their housing for the following academic year. Prior to room selection, via email, students will be provided with information about the location of gender-inclusive housing options and gender-inclusive bathrooms.

Students of any gender identity will be able to self-assign themselves together in gender-inclusive spaces. IMPORTANT: Upper division students are required to submit an online housing reapplication in order to participate in room selection.

  • Students will not be automatically placed in a mixed-gender room. First year students wishing to share a room with someone of a different gender must request to do so when applying for housing. Specific instructions on how to make such a request will be provided on the first-year housing application and within the upper-class student online room selection process.
  • Once a room or suite is designated as mixed-gender, it will remain mixed-gender for the duration of the academic year. In the event of a vacancy, the remaining resident is given an opportunity to pull in a roommate of their choosing, within a specific timeframe (usually 48 hours). Then, normal housing process of roommate matching occurs.
  • The University encourages students to discuss their housing assignments with their parents/guardians before selecting gender-inclusive housing. All students are able to sign their own housing contracts. As a general rule, students are not released from signed housing contracts due to changes in preferences.
  • Students wishing to have a gender-inclusive assignment in a residence hall or apartment outside of the designated GIH communities may contact to make that request and discuss options.
  • The University will not require any student to disclose the nature of their interest in gender-inclusive housing. However, UNH strongly discourages the use of this option for romantic couples.

All restrooms specified below offer full bathroom amenities including shower, sink, and toilet. There are many additional gender inclusive single-use restrooms throughout our residential buildings that are simply labeled “restroom” that offer a sink and toilet, but do not offer a shower.

Signage: "Gender Inclusive"

Alexander Hall – 1st floor community restroom (Bathroom 134)

Congreve Hall - Every floor (Bathrooms G22, 158, 272 and 360)

Devine Hall – Community restrooms available on every floor (Bathrooms 102T, 202T, 302T and 402T)

Eaton House – 1st and 2nd floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 102T, 119T, 208T, 209T, 218T)

Engelhardt Hall – 1st floor community restroom (Bathroom 119)

Fairchild Hall – 1st floor community restroom (Bathroom 113T)

Hall House - 1st and 2nd floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 105T, 121T, 122T and 204T) 

Haaland Hall – 2nd and 4th floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 224T and 424T)

Handler Hall – 2nd and 4th floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 252T and 452T)

Hunter Hall - 1st floor community restroom (Bathroom 111) 

Marston House - 1st and 2nd floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 105T, 121T, 122T, 204T and 213T) 

McLaughlin Hall – Ground floor community restroom (Bathroom G07)

Peterson Hall – 2nd and 4th floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 214T and 414T)

Richardson House - 2nd floor single-use lockable restrooms (Bathrooms 103T, 119T,  208T, 209T and 218T) 

Stoke Hall – 8th floor community restroom (Bathrooms 242T, 342T, 442T, 542T, 642T, 742T, and 842T) 

UNH offers this list of gender inclusive restrooms across campus. You may also view it as a map. UNH is constantly evaluating new locations to implement gender inclusive restrooms, as they benefit everybody in the community. We hope that your visit to this site marks the beginning of a conversation, not the end! If you have additional questions, ideas or concerns, we’d love to hear from you via email, over the phone, or in person.

Co-Ed Living Options

If you are interested in our co-ed living options, make sure to reach out to the Housing Office before the room selection process starts and after you completed the application. Please email us at or call (603) 862-2120. Remember, this option is available for active students only. 

Co-Ed Apartment and Suite Housing

Co-ed living options are available at Woodside, The Gables, and Mills Hall.  Handler Hall and Peterson Hall offers co-ed options in the large suites (6+ persons).

  • There are no co-ed options in Haaland Hall.

Rules and requirements:

  • Groups requesting a co-ed apartment or suite participate in the appropriate sign-up process, following the same general guidelines as single-gendered groups. All group members must meet age or class standing eligibility requirements.
  • Co-ed groups must be able to fill the apartment that they are requesting. Partial co-ed groups will not be assigned.
  • While the apartments or suites are considered co-ed, the bedrooms within the apartments or suites are not.
  • During the sign-up process, all members of the co-ed group must sign an online agreement regarding co-ed living.
  • If a person leaves the co-ed living arrangement after being assigned, the remaining residents can identify an eligible and appropriate replacement. If they are not able to do so, Housing may choose to convert the suite or apartment back to a single-gender and relocate those residents who are affected by the change, or assign an appropriate roommate who also agrees to the co-ed living arrangement terms.
  • The Department of Housing may use its discretion to prohibit or terminate any co-ed living arrangement that it deems unacceptable.

The above terms are in addition to those of the Room and Board Agreement.