Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The University Transportation Services states that first year campus residents are not eligible for parking permits. Please visit their website for additional information.

Cooking is prohibited in student rooms in the residence halls and allowed only in designated kitchen units or facilities.

Students may not remove or store furnishings provided by the University and may not replace them with other items owned or rented by the student. The Department of Housing will not remove or store the standard University furnishings. Public area or lounge furnishings shall not be moved into a student’s room.

What you can't do.

  • Remove any item of University equipment/furniture from the room or premises
  • Alter or replace the locks or install your own locks or security devices
  • Make any structural or electrical alterations to the room
  • Use nails, screws, bolts or decals on the furniture, walls, doors, woodwork, ceiling or floors
  • Remove the screens; and you can't build partitions or make alterations to the furniture.

What you can use to hang stuff.

Tape that doesn't remove the paint and wall finish, poster tacks, and removable mounting products.

The student is responsible for the behavior of their guests, for damages caused by their guests and for informing guests of hall policies. Overnight guests are not permitted in University Housing without advance permission of all students of the room or apartment in which they are staying. Overnight guests may not stay longer than two nights in any given week. No more than ten people may be in a residence hall room or between 13 and 24 people in an apartment, depending upon apartment, at one time, per order of the Durham Fire Department.

  • Turn off your space heater
  • Know the location of the thermostat or temperature sensor controls!
    • Having heat-producing items near the temperature controls can cause the heat in your space to shut off prematurely.
  • Close your doors and windows
  • Close shades and blinds at night to conserve heat, and open them on sunny days for solar heat.
  • Turn back thermostats to 60-65 degrees when leaving the building at the end of the day or on weekends.

Smoking is prohibited on campus.

Courtesy hours are always in effect and residents are to respect requests of others for quiet. Residence Hall's Quiet Hours are Sunday to Thursday from 10PM to 7AM and Friday and Saturday from 12AM to 8AM. Apartment Quiet Hours are Sunday to Thursday from 11PM to 8AM and Friday and Saturday from 1AM to 8AM.

Yes.  Hi-speed wireless connections are available in every residence hall, on-campus apartments and in every lounge.  Outdoor wireless connections are available at select locations on campus.  View the map.

You can update your contact/emergency contact information by visiting your portal. On the menu bar, click "My Profile."

Firearms are not allowed on campus. UNH Police does provide firearms storage, more information can be found here.

All residence halls are equipped electronic card access systems allowing students access to their building by swiping their University ID card through a card reader located at designated exterior doors. All students living in on-campus housing will have access to their own residence halls and on-campus undergraduate apartments.

Each residence hall is protected by an automatic fire detection system that is connected directly to the Durham Fire Department. Upon receipt of alarm activation, the Fire Department immediately responds to your residence hall. The fire protection system is comprised of smoke and heat detectors, sprinklers and hallway manual pull stations. All rooms have a sprinkler and a local-sounding smoke detector. A charge of $100 is assessed to the occupant(s) of a room for tampering with a smoke detectorIf you suspect a smoke detector is malfunctioning contact your RA immediately.

Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers are located in every residence hall. These are your first line of defense in case of a fire and could save your life or the lives of your friends. Do not tamper with fire extinguishers. Eviction from the residence hall is a possible consequence for tampering with a fire extinguisher. There is a $100 charge for resetting a fire extinguisher that has been misused.