Police Services & Outreach

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The UNH Police Department provides many services above the standard police patrol function.  View the links below to learn more about some of the services our agency provides to the community.  If you have questions about our services contact us at (603) 862-1427.   

The Department's outreach coordinator is Captain Frank Weeks; you may contact him here.  

Our Services

Officers of the UNH Police Department file many kinds of reports. If you are the subject of a report you are entitled to a copy of that report. We only accept report requests in writing; the UNH Police Department’s Request for Incident Report form is our preferred method to request a report. However, you may submit your request in letter form as long as it contains at least your name, date of birth, phone number, type of report (i.e. Arrest, Incident, or Accident), date of occurrence, and an address to send the documents.

Understand that the report will take at least 10 days to be completed exact length of time may vary.

If you are a defendant in a case and you request an arrest report this information is considered discovery. You will only be provided with discovery once.

The UNH Police Department reserves the right to charge a fee for reports. Currently, we charge a fee of $10 for an accident report.

Police and Security will perform escorts to and from on-campus locations for anyone. Your first call however should be to UNH Transportation Services at (603) 862-2328. Campus shuttles operate on-campus and run throughout the night. In the event that the shuttle is not operating, Security will give a walking escort to and from on-campus locations. The number to get a walking escort is (603) 862-1427

The UNH Police Department will provide fingerprinting service for any UNH community member, free of charge. We can provide fingerprinting services for those seeking employment or internships. Individuals are required to present valid government issued photo identification (driver's license, passport, US Military ID card, etc.). The individual's employer should provide the fingerprint cards. The UNH Police Department will not forward the cards onto the State for background purposes; that is the responsibility of you or your employer.

Please contact the UNH Police Department during normal business hours (Monday through Friday; 8:00am-4:30pm) to schedule fingerprinting.

Some background packets require notarization. The University employs several notaries who are willing notarize documents for students and other members of the University community at no charge.

The UNH Police Department takes possession of found property throughout campus. However, each university department has its own policy on found property. Therefore, we are not the exclusive holders of found property. Generally, found property of high value is immediately reported to our department. Property often considered of low value (such as keys) might stay within a department’s own lost & found.

The UNH Police Department maintains a list of lost items. If you have lost an item you may contact the UNH Police Department at (603) 862-1427. However, again we are not the exclusive custodians of found property; it would be good practice to check with all university departments that might have located your item.

The UNH Police Department will take reports of lost or stolen cell phones for the purposes of insurance documentation if the phone was lost within our jurisdiction.

According to university policy UNH.III.J .2 weapons are not allowed on campus. Therefore, the UNH Police Department provides a safe and secure place, within our station, to secure students' firearms and ammunition.

The student may bring his or her firearm to the station and an officer will be dispatched to retrieve or release the firearm.  The firearm can only be released to the owner, who must be identified by a state-issued identification card or university ID.

We require your firearm to be unloaded and in a safe condition prior to being stored; officers will not clear the firearm for you. We suggest that your firearm be stored in a bag or case.

Hunting is allowed on select pieces of university property. Please click here to learn more about hunting on UNH property.

The University Police Department DOES NOT HANDLE parking at the University.

UNH Parking Services handles ALL parking issues at the University. The University Police has the ability to issues tickets, HOWEVER all appeals and payments of these tickets must be submitted to Parking Services. Police DO NOT have the ability to remove "boots" from vehicles.

Please note that if you are a resident with a reserved parking space and another vehicle is there, when Parking Services is off duty, the University Police will come and have the vehicle removed so that you can park in your reserved space.

Dorm and Apartment Lock Outs

For Lock-Outs in UNH Dormitories or On-Campus Apartments, call 603-862-2120. During normal business hours, these requests are handled by UNH Housing. After normal business hours, key services will be performed by UNH Campus Service Officers. The two requirements are 1) that you wait by your room, and 2) that you can provide some form of ID. ID can be shown once your door is unlocked.

PLEASE NOTE, Police and Campus Service Officers will not provide a key service for a room other than your own, nor will they provide access to a dorm for non-residents. This is also the case for LOUNGES which are locked.

IF you leave property in a room and when you return the door is locked, call (603) 862-1427, and a Campus Service Officer will let you into the room long enough to retrieve your things. You will not be allowed to stay in the room, unless you have a key to that room. If you have left property in someone else's room you may be let in only under extraordinary circumstances.

ACCESS CARDS only allow you to stay in a room after hours. It does not allow you to gain access to a building or room which is locked.


Office Lock Outs

In the event that you should lock your keys in your office, your first option should be someone else in your department. In the event that there is no one else available to help, you can call (603) 862-1427 to have someone come and open your office. The two requirements are 1) that you wait by your office, and 2) that you can provide some form of ID. ID can be shown once your door is unlocked.

Please Note that neither Police nor Campus Service Officers will allow access to an office other than your own.


Motor Vehicle Lock Outs

The University Police will come and attempt to unlock your vehicle under the following circumstances:

  1. It is your vehicle.
  2. You sign a waiver eliminating the University Police Department from liability for any damage done to your vehicle.
  3. You wait by the vehicle.

Please understand that every vehicle is different and there are no guarantees that officers will be able to open your vehicle.