Digital Droplet PCR - BioRad QX200

The BioRad QX200 system is high throughput and cost effective, capable of running 96 samples at once. You can use standard hydrolysis (TaqMan) probes used for qPCR applications.

BioRad QX200

This new addition to the HCGS core facilities is available to support your applications, including technical assistance and training for you or your lab personnel.  Droplet Digital Polymerase Chain Reaction (ddPCR) measures absolute quantities of DNA or RNA by counting nucleic acid molecules encapsulated in large numbers of discrete, water-in-oil droplets. After amplification, fluorescence is detected in the droplets in which a target sequence was amplified. Droplets without target sequence show little or no fluorescence. The Poisson distribution is then used to convert the fraction of positive droplets into the number of molecules in the sample without the need for standard curves.

Manufacturer:  BioRad                               
Model #: Qx200 Digital Droplet PCR
Year of Manufacture:
Year Acquired:
Location: Hubbard Center for Genome Studies, Gregg Hall Rm 437


Determination of concentration of target DNA/RNA copies without the need for standard curves; ideal for measurements of viral load analysis, microbial quantification, and eDNA.

  • Measurements of gene copy number variation (CNV).
  • Detection of rare sequences such as mutations in a few tumor cells in a wild-type background.
  • Gene expression and microRNA analysis (including low-abundance RNAs).
  • Quantifying next-generation sequencing (NGS) libraries.
  • Further applications can be found here:…. Examples of all listed applications are available (hint: Google search “ddPCR” and your application of interest.

Principle Scientist:  Kelley Thomas

Technical Advisor:  Stephen Simpson  

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