Scientific Instrumentation Inventory (SII)

The UNH Scientific Instrumentation Inventory (SII) is a new tool to manage and search the extensive collection of instruments at UNH.

It has been developed by the Research Computing Center and University Instrumentation Center staff to provide a complete and accurate inventory of UNH’s scientific equipment and instruments for many purposes, including:

  • Identifying potential collaborations, internal and external to UNH
  • Providing easy access to information needed for research proposals to external sponsors
  • Determining potential availability/accessibility for broader equipment use on campus
  • Identifying opportunities to create “Core Facilities”
  • Identifying opportunities to pool service contract coverage to use institutional funds efficiently
  • Identifying when equipment/instruments need to be serviced or anticipate replaced

Guide to Access & Use

This is a simple guide that provides a brief overview of how to access and use the UNH Scientific Instrumentation Inventory included as part of the UNHCEMS program.


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This is a list of the name, description and roles for each field in the SII database. Roles are defined as Admin, Custodian, and UNH and determine whether specific attributes are hidden, read only or editable by the viewer.

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Business Rules

These rules document the work flows and policies for the SII. For example, who is allowed to view/edit what data; how authentication is implemented; and how the system is updated with new and retired instruments.

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Contact Information

Inquiries regarding SII may be directed to:

John Wilderman
Phone: (603) 862-1092