Instrument Recommendations

The University Instrumentation Center (UIC) has developed a series of instrument recommendations for many common instruments based on experience maintaining instruments across many disciplines for many years.  The following is a guide and the UIC staff is available for instrument consulting and recommendations for instruments not listed as well as for specialized applications.



The UIC recommends Gilson® brand as well as BrandTech® Scientific pipettes pipettes for all research and teaching applications at the University of NH.  Both manufacturers offer a variety of models and ranges and both have provided discount pricing for all UNH purchases for both instruments and consumables.

The UIC provides calibration and repair services for all pipettes and maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts for fast turn-around.  For calibration and repair services please contact John Wilderman at 603-862-1092 or via email at

Other pipette manufacturers can be serviced by the UIC but our spare parts inventory is limited which may result in higher repair costs and longer turn-around times.


Analytical Balances

The UIC recommends Shimadzu analytical balances for most research and teaching applications at the University of NH.  Through years of experience servicing and calibrating balances across campus, the UIC has identified Shimadzu as a key supplier of analytical balances offering a variety of models to choose from.  The Shimadzu balances have proven to be reliable, accurate, and priced very competitively compared to other balance suppliers.  UNH has been provided discounted pricing for all Shimadzu balances purchased.

Sales Representative:                

Michael Jakubowski
Shimadzu Scientific Instruments
62 Forest Street, Suite 110
Marlborough, MA 01752
Phone: (508) 573-3453
Link to Shimadzu Site:  Shimadzu

The UIC provides calibration and repair services for all balances on campus.  To request calibration and repair services please contact John Wilderman at 603-862-1092 or via email at

ultralow freezer

Ultralow Freezers

The University Instrumentation Center (UIC) recommends Stirling Ultracold -80 °C freezers for their reliability, low energy use, use of environmental friendly refrigerants, and temperature stability and recovery based on an extensive study conducted in 2016.       

  • Manufacturer Name: Global Cooling Inc.
  • Model Number: Stirling SU780 XLE-00000
  • Storage Volume: 27.5 cu foot
  • Temperature Range: -20 °C to 80 °C
  • Power Source: 120 VAC or 230 VAC
  • Link to Manuf. Site: Biolife Solutions
  • Local Sales Representative:

    Peter Kephart 
    VWR Account Manager, Education & Medical Research
    Phone: 603.341.3856

lsr model2110 fraction collector

Fraction Collectors

The UIC recommends two fraction collectors depending on its usage.

The BioRad Fraction Collector is best for research laboritories.  More information on the instrument as well as contact information for ordering is below:

Product Website: BioRad

gilson fraction collector

BioRad Contact Information: 

Warren King
Phone: (800) 876-3425 x 1546

The Gilson Fraction Collector is best for teaching laboritories.  More information on the instrument as well as contact information for ordering is below:

Product Website: Gilson

Gilson Contact Information: 

Mark Muncey
Phone:  (608) 630-4291

UNH/UIC has discounted pricing with these distributors.  The UIC can provide price ranges for these instruments but the individual companies will need to be contacted for a formal quote.

milipore advantage

Lab Water Purification

The UIC recommends Millipore Lab Purification systems to generate quality and consistent laboratory water for instrumentation and experimentation.  Millipore is a key leader in this field and offers a variety of systems. The most common requirement seen at the university is Type 1 (A, B and C) water obtained from de-ionized/reverse osmosis (DI/RO) water.  If DI/RO water is not available, other options can be specified through Millipore and/or the UIC.

millipore reference

Type 1 lab water lends itself particularly well to being a shared resource.  The UIC encourages the use of shared water purification systems within floors or regions of buildings and can help specify appropriately sized systems.         

  • Manufacturer Name: EMD Millipore Headquarters
  • Recommended Systems:
    • Reference – For single Q-Pod (tap) applications not requiring total organic compound monitoring (lower picture)
    •  Advantage – For applications requiring total organic compound monitoring with up to three remote Q-Pods (taps)
  • Link to Manuf. Site: EMD Millipore

Local Sales Representative:          

Judith Tran
Phone: (978) 821-7603

The UIC can help with detailed specifications and sizing of laboratory water purification systems.

Pre-Owned Instrument Suppliers and Resalers

The UIC recognizes that it is often necessary to procure pre-owned instruments due to funding or other constraints.  The UIC will provide assistance in locating instruments on campus that may be available as well as externally.  Please contact the UIC directly for assistance.  

There are many pre-owned instrument suppliers available and the following have proven to be reliable local sources for both purchasing and selling used instruments.  For sale of instruments, please follow UNH surplus property guidelines prior to disposing or selling of equipment.

Marshall Scientific
102 Tide Mill Road,
Hampton, NH  03842 
Phone: 1-855-LAB-GEAR, 603-601-8511                                                                                                     

Cambridge Scientific Products
199 Dexter Ave,
Watertown, MA, 02472
Phone: 1-877-USED-LAB, 617-354-8900

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