Simultaneous TGA/DSC (Thermogravimetric Analyzer / Differential Scanning Calorimeter)

TGA is used to monitor weight loss as a function of temperature in an air or inert atmosphere.  DSC is a tool used to generate data to analyze important thermal features of a substance such as melting temperature, crystallization temperature, glass transition temperature, percent crystallinity, curing, and more. This instrument allows simultaneous collection of TGA and DSC data. 


The Mettler Toledo simultaneous TGA/DSC1 is a Windows-XP controlled instrument used in correlation with the STARe software for controlling the instrument and data analysis; data can also be imported to alternative programs such as Excel and Origin.  An autosampler with robotic arm allows a high throughput of samples.  Capable of running from room temperature up to 1000C using our reusable alumina pans or to 600C using our disposable aluminum pans which can be hermetically sealed and pierced (manually).  We offer clean dry air or ultra-high purity Argon as our purge gases though other gases could be discussed for the particular application.

Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo

Model No.: TGA/DSC1

Year of Manufacture:

Year Acquired: 2010

Location: Kingsbury Hall S321



  • Internal balance resolution of 0.001mg with 5g max sample load
  • DTA results are generated which are equivalent to DSC signal within reasonable temperature range (away from upper limit of 1000C)
  • 34 spot autosampler
  • Ability to collect TGA data, DTA (DSC) Data, or both simultaneously

Principal scientist: Darcy Silver

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Contact Information

Kingsbury Hall S321
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603) 862-0942


Non UNH academic Rate: 
$200/sample assisted
$175.00/sample unassisted

Industry Rate:
$200/sample assisted
$175.00/sample unassisted