4D-Nucleofector® Core Unit

Supports Nucleofection of various cell numbers (2 x 10^4 to 2 x 10^7 cells) in 100 µL cuvettes or 20 µL 16-well strips. Substrate independent transfection of DNA. RNA, RNPs and proteins.

Image of Lonza Nucleofector sitting on a tabletop

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Manufacturer: Lonza

Model #: AAF-1002B

Year of Manufacture:

Year Acquired: 2021

Location:  Rudman 257c

The 4D-NucleofectorTM Core Unit is the controlling unit of the 4D-NucleofectorTM System. The different functional units can be added in a modular way to the 4D-NucleofectorTM Core Unit and each is suited for different applications:

  • X Unit: Supporting Nucleofection of various cell numbers in different formats (16-well NucleocuvetteTM Strips or 100 µL NucleocuvetteTM Vessels).

Additional units may be purchased separately:

  • Y-unit: transfection of adherent cells in 24 well plates
  • 96-well unit: for 96 well plates
  • LV unit for large scale transfection of up to 10^9 cells

Principal Scientist: Vicki Jeffers

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Contact Information

Rudman Hall 
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603) 862-2103
Email: Vicki Jeffers


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