Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer(DMA)

DMA is a thermal/mechanical analytical instrument used to measure a material’s response (deformation) to a sinusoidal load under a given temperature and/or time.  Common physical properties characterized are glass transition, elasticity and viscosity of solid samples.  


Manufacturer: TA Instruments
Model #: Discovery DMA 850
Year of Manufacture: N/A
Year Acquired: 2019
Location: Parsons Hall N140


  • Range of force 0.0001-18N
  • -160-600°C Temperature Range
  • Dynamic Deformation Range ±0.005 to 10,000 μm

Principal scientist:  

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Contact Information

N140 Parsons Hall
Durham, NH 03824


Non UNH Academic Rate:
$200.00/sample assisted

Industry rate: 
$200.00/sample assisted