Cell Imaging System - Thermo Invitrogen EVOS FL Auto 2

The Invitrogen EVOS™ FL Auto 2 Imaging System is a high-performance, fully-automated, inverted, multi-channel fluorescence and transmitted light imaging system.

Evos Fl Auto 2

The Invitrogen EVOS FL Auto 2 Imaging System offers you these important advantages:

• Outstanding image quality and versatility with a 5-position objective turret, 4-color fluorescence and transmitted light channels, plus color and B/W cameras
• Exceptional usability with fully automated X/Y scanning stage, autofocus, and acquisition routines
• High-speed image acquisition coupled with multi-position well scanning. Z-stack and tile-stitch options lend power and flexibility to your data generation.
• Fully integrated time-lapse live cell imaging using the optional EVOS Onstage Incubator for precise control of temperature, gases for normoxic or hypoxic conditions and humidity
• Powerful image analysis capabilities for cell segmentation and quantification with the optional Celleste™ Image Analysis Software

Manufacturer: Thermofisher Scientific

Model No.: EVOS FL Auto

Year of manufacture: 2018

Year acquired: 2018

Location: Rudman 157


  • Illumination LED light cubes (>50,000-hour life per light cube) with adjustable intensity
  • Simultaneously accommodates 4 fluorescence cubes plus bright-field imaging. 
  • Contrast methods fluorescence and transmitted light (bright-field and phase-contrast)
  • Objective capacity 5-position; front-mounted control
  • Cameras high-sensitivity 1.3 MP CMOS monochrome camera with 1,328 x 1,048 pixels; high-sensitivity 3.2 MP CMOS color camera with 2,080 x 1,552 pixels
  • Captured images 16-bit monochrome TIFF or PNG; 8-bits per channel TIFF, PNG, or JPG; time-lapse AVI
  • Condenser 60 mm LWD condenser, 4-position turret with a clear aperture and 3-phase annuli
  • Stage Motorized X/Y scanning stage; travel range 120 x 80 mm with submicron resolution.
  • Drop-in inserts to receive vessel holders, and lockdown holders to fix sample in place during long scans
  • LCD display 23 in. high-resolution touchscreen color monitor (also fully controllable via mouse)

Principle Scientist:  

Sarah Walker
Mark Townley

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Contact Information

Sarah Walker
Rudman Room No 157
Durham, NH 03824


UNH Rate: 
$45.00/hour assisted 
$5.00/hour unassisted

Non UNH Academic Rate:
$90.00/hour assisted
$10.00/hour unassisted

Industry Rate:
$100.00/hour assisted
$20.00/hour unassisted