Imaging System - Licor Odyssey CLx

The Licor Odyssey Imaging System offers in vitro and in vivo imaging with its proprietary near-infrared imaging system. Applications include: Near-Infrared Fluorescent Western Blot, In-Cell Western Assay, EMSA, Protein Gel Documentation, Nucleic Acid Gel Documentation, Tissue Section Imaging, In-Gel Westerns, RNAi Analysis.

Licor Odyssey

Manufacturer: LI-COR
Model No.: Odyssey CLx
Year of manufacture: 2008
Year acquired: 2008
Location: Rudman Room 354


  • Type: Cell Imaging System, In Vivo Imaging System
  • Validated Applications: Fluorescence, Live Cell Imaging, Western Blot, In Vivo Imaging, NIR:
  • Resolution: 21 to 337 µm
  • Wavelength(s): 685 and 785 nm
  • Software: Image Studio™ Software

Principal scientist: 

 Mike Irvin(Cote Lab)

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Contact Information

Rick Cote
Rudman Room No 357
Durham, NH 03824


UNH Rate: 
$45.00/hour assisted
$5.00/hour unassisted 

Non UNH Academic Rate:
$100.00/hour assisted
$50.00/hour unassisted

Industry Rate:
$100.00/hour assisted
$50.00/hour unassisted