Microplate Luminometer - Centro LB 960XS

The Centro XS3 LB 960 is a versatile, robust and sensitive microplate luminometers. The selected detectors and the proprietary design of the optical system guarantee lowest background and negligible crosstalk.

Berthold Luminometer

Centro XSLB 960 has an optimized optics for even higher demands on sensitivity.

•    Reporter Gene Assays
•    Aequorin based Calcium monitoring
•    ATP Determination
•    Luminecent Immunoassays
•    DNA probe Assays
•    SNP determination
•    CALUX Assays

Manufacturer: Berthold Technologies Bioanalytic

Model No.: Centro LB 960 XS

Year of manufacture: 2018

Year acquired: 

Location: Rudman Room 354


  • Patented Cross talk reduction
  • Dual built-in Reagent Injectors
  • Superior accuracy and precision (JET Injection technology)
  • Variable injections speeds and "friendly" material enable even injection of live cells
  • Reagent bottles can be kept in ice or at elevated temperatures
  • Automatic Waste Pump 
  • Highest sensitivity <1.5 amol ATP per well, <1.5 zmol Firefly luciferase per well

Principal scientist: 

Sherine Elsawa

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Contact Information

Sherine Elsawa
Rudman Room No 357
Durham, NH 03824


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