Flow Cytometer Sorter - Sony SH800Z

The Sony SH800Z Sorting Flow Cytometer is a compact, easy to use instrument that performs both cell counting and two-way cell sorting. The integrated laser engine houses 4 lasers, providing excitation lines of 405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm and 638 nm. These lasers are combined and delivered through a single fiber while 6 freeform PMTs allow for the detection of fluorescence signals from any laser based on filter selection.

Sony Sorting Cell Cytometer

Manufacturer:                Sony
Model No.:                        SH-800Z
Year of manufacture:  2016
Year acquired:                2016
Location:                          Parsons Room W118

  • Optics
    • Excitation Lasers: 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 638nm
    • Output Power: 30mW (max.) optical fiber output
    • Beam Alignment:  Collinear optical system
    • Detection Parameters: 6 Fluorescent + 2 Scatter
    • Pulse Measurement:  Height, area, width
  • Fluidics
    • Single, auto-loading tube
    • Sample Tube Types:  0.5ml, 1.5ml, 5 ml, 15 ml tubes
    • Sort Streams: 2
    • Sort Collection Devices:  2-way tube (5ml, 15ml), multiwell plates, PCR tubes, slides
    • Temperature Control:  Pre-sort -- 5 °C, 37 °C, Post-sort -- 5 °C
    • Nozzle Sizes: 70, 100, 130 µm
  • Performance
    • Event Rate: 100,000 events per second max
    • Sorting Speed:  Using the 70 µm sorting chip at 50kHz, an average threshold of 12,000 events per second can be achieved with >95% purity and >80% yield.  The threshold rate up to 30,000 events per second can be achieved without affecting purity but with a decrease in yield based on Poisson's statistics.  Using 100 µm or 130 µm sorting chips, maximum sorting speed is 10,000 events per second.
    • Index Sorting: Yes
    • Scatter Resolution: 0.5 µm
    • Fluorescense Sensitivity: FITC 120 MESF, PE 110 MESF

Principal scientist: Mark Townley


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Contact Information

W123 Parsons Hall
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603) 862-2790


UNH Rate: 
$52.00/hour  assisted
 $9.00/hour  unassisted

Non UNH academic Rate: 
$104.00/hour  assisted
  $18.00/hour  unassisted

Industry Rate:
$150.00/hour  assisted
$100.00/hour  unassisted