Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

DSC is an analytical instrument used to generate data regarding the thermal characteristics of a material by monitoring the change in heat flow of a sample material in comparison to a reference pan.  Properties measured can include melting temperature, crystallization temperature, glass transition temperature, percent crystallinity, information on curing, and more. 

Manufacturer: TA Instruments
Model #: 

Discovery DSC 250

Year of Manuf: N/A
Year Acquired: 2019
Location:  Parsons Hall N140


  • Ability to run Modulated DSC
  • Ultra High Purity Nitrogen Purge Gas
  • -90°C to 725°C temperature range
  • ±0.05°C Accuracy in Temperature

Principal scientist



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Contact Information

N140 Parsons Hall
Durham, NH 03824


Non UNH Academic Rate:
$200.00/sample assisted
$80.00/sample unassisted

Industry rate: 
$200.00/sample assisted
$80.00/sample unassisted