Imager - Biorad V3 Western Blot

The BioRadV3 Chemidoc Imager allows for:

  • For in-gel protein imaging and quantitation, procedures (and protocols) have been developed and optimized using highly sensitive SYPRO-Ruby staining.  This includes staining, imaging and quantitation (including full-lane integration).  
  • For western blotting, 3 levels of sensitivity have been optimized.  High sensitivity, with quantitation, is state-of-the-art (>1000-fold over Licor imaging).  Imaging is rapid, with adjustable signal intensity, and integration.  Output data are  easily managed (TIFF files), with no need for system-specific software.  The costly need for film (often with multiple exposures) is also overcome.
BioRad V3

Manufacturer: BioRad
Model No.: V3
Year of manufacture: 2008
Year acquired: 2008
Location: Rudman Room 354


  • Smart Tray Technology™ - Automatic recognition of application-specific tray and adjustment of imaging parameters and software options
  • Autofocus    
  • Auto-exposure - Two user-defined modes (rapid or optimal auto-exposure) for all blot and gel imaging applications
  • Dynamic Image flat fielding: precalibrated and optimized for each application
  • Maximum image area (W x H) -  21 x 16.8 cm
  • Cooled CCD Detector, 6 megapixels
  • Dynamic range  >4 orders of magnitude
  • Chemiluminescence filter Detection    
  • 590/110 nm standard emission filter for protein and DNA gel and blot imaging
  • Data output - 16-bit or 8-bit: SCN, TIFF, JPEG files
  • Operating voltage - 100–250 V
  • Operating temperature - 10–28°C
  • Operating humidity - 10–85% relative humidity (non-condensing) 

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Contact Information

Don Wojchowski
Rudman Room No 157
Durham, NH 03824


UNH Rate: 
$45.00/hour assisted
$5.00/hour unassisted

Non UNH Academic Rate:
$100.00/hour assisted
$50.00/hour unassisted

Industry Rate:
$100.00/hour assisted
$50.00/hour unassisted