Nanomechanical Tester – KLA Instruments iMicro Nanoindenter

The KLA iMicro Nanoindenter is designed for nanoscale indentation hardness testing on a variety of materials including soft polymers, thin films and hard coatings. The optional NanoBlitz 3D feature provides material hardness, modulus and stiffness property maps.

KLA Instruments iMicro Nanoindenter
Manufacturer:                KLA Corporation
Model No.: iMicro
Year of manufacture:  2021
Year acquired:   2021
Location:  Parsons Room W126


  • InForce 1000 actuator for capacitance displacement measurement and electromagnetic force actuation with interchangeable tips
  • High-speed electronics with 100kHz data acquisition rate and 20µs time constant
  • Automated XY motion system with 2 position magnetic puck sample holder
  • High stiffness gantry with integrated vibration isolation
  • Integrated microscope with digital zoom for precise indentation targeting
  • InView software package with RunTest, ReviewData, InFocus reporting
  • NanoBlitz 3D generates 3D maps of nanomechanical properties by performing up 100,000 indents (300×300 array) at < 1s per indent, and provides Young’s modulus (E), hardness (H), and stiffness (S) values at a specified load for each indent in the array.
  • Tips available for use include Berkovich and Vickers

Principle Scientist: 
Shawn Banker


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Contact Information

Shawn Banker
Parsons Hall Rm W123D
Durham, NH 03824


UNH Rates:
$48.00/hr  assisted
$5.00/hr  unassisted

Non-UNH Academic Rate:
$96.00/hr  assisted
$10.00/hr  unassisted

Industry Rate:
$150.00/hr  assisted
$100.00/hr  unassisted