Confocal Microscope - Olympus OLS5000 SAF

The Olympus OLS5000-SAF laser scanning confocal microscope features reflective imaging to create 3D reconstructions where researchers can obtain precision measurements of surface and shapes in X, Y and Z axis.

Olympus Microscope


With a 405 nm violet laser and dedicated high-numerical aperture objectives, this microscope captures fine patterns and defects that conventional optical microscopes, white-light interferometers, or red laser-based microscopes are unable to detect. Its scanning algorithm delivers quality data at great speeds reducing the scan time over other similar instruments. The microscope has a motorized stage and can image small to relatively large objects up to 100 mm in height. The analysis package provides statistical analysis including surface roughness, width, step height, volume and other measurements.

Manufacturer: OLYMPUS
Model #:  OLS5000 SAF
Year of Manuf: 2020
Year Acquired: 2020
Location: Parsons Room W126


  •   Total Magnification:  54X to 17,280X
  •   Field of View: 16 um - 5,120 um
  •   Height Display Resolution:  0.5nm
  •   Height Accuracy:  0.15 + L/100 ?m (L = Measuring length in ?m)
  •   Width Display Resolution: 1 nm
  •   Width Accuracy: Measurement value +/- 1.5%
  •   Max Sample Height: 100 mm
  •   Motorized Stage Operation: 100 mm x 100 mm
  •   Laser Light Source:  405 nm @ 0.95 mW max output

Principal Scientist:  Nancy Cherim

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Contact Information

W123 Parsons Hall
Durham, NH 03824
Phone: (603) 862-2790


UNH Rate: 

$48.00/hour  assisted
$5.00/hour  unassisted

Non UNH academic Rate: 
$96.00/hour  assisted
$10.00/hour  unassisted

Industry Rate:
$150.00/hour assisted
$100.00/hour unassisted