Course Delivery Modality Glossary

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Modality is the mode or method of instruction a course is delivered.

  • Not every course will be available in every course delivery modality.
  • Some classes that are listed as online may have recitations or lab sections that are face-to-face and scheduled separately for the same course.

Locating an instruction mode on the course schedule

You can determine the specific course delivery mode by the attributes assigned to a course.

Attributes are indicators (i.e., tags/characteristics) assigned to courses and found listed on courses at and Webcat.

Key to course modality attributes:

  • EUNH - Course with an online component
  • ONLO - Online (no campus visits)
  • SYNC - Synchronous, Scheduled meeting times
  • HYBR - Hybrid, Online with some campus visits
  • RA - Rotational Attendance
  • REMS – Remote Section


Course Schedule


Instruction Modes

Traditional Classroom/Laboratory Course

Instructor and students are present (i.e., face-to-face) in the classroom/laboratory each class meeting according to the course schedule indicated days, times and locations.

Attributes: will not include any of the above listed.


Fully Online Course

These courses do not meet at a specific time or day  (i.e., asynchronous/not in real time).

Instruction is available online, where you find content, assignments, schedules, and structured opportunities for you to interact with your classmates online.

Attributes: Online (no campus visits), ONLO, EUNH



Online Course: Synchronous

Instruction is delivered online in real time according to the course schedule (i.e., synchronous).

Instructor and students are all online using a synchronous real time meeting tool such as Zoom.

Attributes: Scheduled meeting time, SYNC, Online (no campus visits) ONLO, EUNH



Hybrid Course

Instruction is delivered as a combination of online and some mandatory scheduled in person meeting times on campus.

Attributes: Online with some campus visits, HYBR, EUNH



Hybrid Course: Synchronous

Instruction is delivered online in real time (i.e., synchronous) with a face-to-face on campus portion.

These courses will include specific meeting days, times and locations on the course schedule.

Attributes: Scheduled meeting time, SYNC, Online with some campus visits, HYBR, EUNH



Rotational Attendance

Rotational attendance courses meet according to the course schedule. Students will rotate face-to-face attendance based on instructor guidance to attend at least one class per week.

Attributes: Rotational Attendance, RA



Remote Section

Online Synchronous Sections for remote student registration in a section that is entirely online for the duration of the semester. Each remote section is cross listed with a face to face section.

Attribute: Remote Section, REMS