Online or on campus? Hybrid or HyFlex?

The resources in this section will help you to: 

  • Plan for the unique attributes of your teaching modality 
  • Define critical learning outcomes and design your course syllabus  
  • Select appropriate learning resources  
  • Create a welcoming learning environment and provide ongoing support for all students 

Teaching Modality 

  • Online 
  • Hybrid (Blended) 
  • HyFlex (Concurrent) 
  • Face-to-face 

Learning Environment 

  • Accessibility and Accommodations 
  • Inclusive Teaching 
  • Universal Design 

Course Design 

  • Backward Design 
  • Objectives 
  • Module Planning 
  • Syllabus Design 

Learning Resources 

  • Library  
  • Open Educational Resources (OER) 

Student Academic Success

Resources to include in your syllabus and for advising students