Assessment & Feedback

Both formative and summative assessment and feedback are critical components of teaching and learning.  

 For students, well-designed assessments and regular feedback: 

  • Ensure that their learning aligns with outcomes that are critical for success 
  • Help them to track progress toward course goals and objectives -- and adjust their learning strategies when necessary 

For faculty, a well-designed assessment strategy: 

  • Provides solid evidence of student success  
  • Can be a source of useful data for making mid-course adjustments -- and for identifying what is working and should not be changed. 

Assessment & Feedback Resources


Academic Honesty 

  • UNH Policy 
  • Preventing Cheating 
  • Detecting Plagiarism 

Formative Assessment and Feedback 

  • Classroom/Learning Assessment 
  • Self-Check Assignments 
  • Peer Assessment 


  • Best Practices for Grading 
  • Rubrics, Checklists, and Rating Scales 
  • Grading Tools (Canvas, Gradescope) 

Summative Assessment 

  • Exam Alternatives 
  • Competency Based Assessment 
  • Value Added Assessment