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The Center for Excellence and Innovation in Teaching and Learning welcomes you. We are pleased to offer a rich collection of resources, information, and expertise to support the university's mission of enhancing student learning through the continual improvement of teaching. Please read our mission statement and explore our org chart to learn more about us. 

CEITL Services

  • Every semester we offer faculty the opportunity to receive feedback from students about their teaching during the course of the semester.  If you teach at UNH, learn more about our Mid-Course Assessment program (MAP) and how to schedule a MAP
  • The Center collaborates with the UNH Graduate School in offering our doctoral students a unique Cognate in College Teaching. The Cognate program features courses in various aspects of college teaching and learning as well as a college teaching praxis which culminates in a teaching portfolio.  For an overview of course requirements and descriptions for the Cognate in College Teaching, please click HERE
  • For those not in a graduate program, the Center offers a Certificate in College Teaching. The Certificate program features courses in various aspects of college teaching and learning.  For an overview of course requirements and descriptions for the Certificate in College Teaching, please click HERE

For more information:

You can visit us at G31 Conant Hall on campus. To schedule a visit to the Center, call (603) 862-0233 or email us at teaching.excellence@unh.edu.

News & Announcements

CEITL is hosting an open house on Friday, Nobember 2nd from 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Please click here to let us know if you're interested in stopping by!

New grant proposal? CEITL is pleased to provide support in working with you to create an assessment plan for the educational components of your grant proposal. Please click here to schedule a consultation meeting to discuss your proposed project.

CEITL has scheduled weekly brief drop-in sessions beginning in August 2018 for anyone (faculty, staff, and teaching graduate students) interested in learning more about promoting student learning.

CEITL launches the CEITL Participation Certificate, beginning with the Fall 2017 semester

Find out about how to work with CEITL on a Course Project to Promote Student Learning