First Year Application

First Year Application
Become the Roar

This is your first step to complete the application!

Read thoroughly for next steps. 

Once you complete your application, do not forget to come back and select a room. So, to get started:

  • Visit your Housing Portal by clicking “Apply Now!” at the end of the page
  • Login using your UNH Credentials
  • Select "Housing Application" on the blue menu bar
  • Select the Academic Year Term that applies to you & select "Continue"
  • Complete all the steps of the application and submit!

When you complete your application, it will remain open to you for edits until the self-selection process begins! Complete the  first step of your application before the deadline on May 1st. Remember, first-year students are always guaranteed housing. 

Don't forget:

Pay Enrollment-Housing/Dining Deposit

Before you start, check out the video below!




  • Sunday, May 1: Deadline to complete the application
  • Monday, May 2 to Wednesday, June 22: Edits can be made to the application including forming roommate groups. 
  • Thursday, June 23: Timeslots are distributed
  • Monday, June 27 to Friday, July 1:  Self-Selection Process


This is a step-by-step guide to complete your application!




Home is where the cats are!

What happens after you complete your application?

  • Revisit your application for any edits: After applying, you can always revisit the portal and edit any of the information until the Self-Selection Process begins. 
  • Form your housing group: You don't have to create a group by May 1. If you want a single, form a group of one. If you want a double, form a group of two. You will have time to go to your portal and add a roommate before the Self-Selection Process. 
  • Check out your timeslot: All first-year students will receive a randomized timeslot. This is the time when you will select a space on-campus through your application. Come back to your portal to find out your timeslot on Thursday, June 23.  If you want a random roommate, create a group of one and partially fill a space during Self-Selection. 
  • Select your or your group's space: Timeslots will be distributed for Monday, June 27 to Friday, July 1.  Group leaders can select their group's space at the earliest  timeslot.  You can always change who the group leader is without affecting your time.
    • Monday, June 27 to Wednesday, June 29: Student groups must be able to completely fill the space. If you want a single, form a group of one. If you want a double, form a group of two. 
    • Thursday, June 30 to Friday, July 1: Students seeking a random roommate can partially fill a space. Do not forget to form a roommate group, even if it is a group of one. 


Learn how to search for and add roommates!




Make sure to plan ahead!

  • Spend time learning about our wide range of communities so you have more than one preference in mind when going into the Self-Selection Process. Having more options will save you time and stress. Have a Plan B and C!

  • Remember there is no "best residence hall" on-campus, all halls are different and have unique and special things to offer. Every community has a high satisfaction rate and most of our students return to campus after their first-year! 

  • Please keep in mind, suite spaces and single rooms are limited for first year students.

  • If after selecting your space on-campus you decide you want a different option, you can always reach out to Housing at and we will help you out. Changes happen all summer!

Looking to meet roommates? Learn about our "Suggested Roommates" feature on the application. You can meet other first year students there. Find a step-by-step guide here or watch the video above. 


Watch how you will select a room on your designated timeslot!


Are you ready?