Students, faculty and staff may be eligible for campus parking permits according to the criteria below. Please see the relevant section for information on each permit type.


Student permit decals are sold online in advance of semester openings, or over the counter at other times of year. Online sales usually get underway in late July for an upcoming academic year, in Dec/Jan for Semester II, and early May for summer term.   Some categories are subject to availability, and resident and storage permits can and do sell out. Visit the Student Permits page to learn about available permit types.

  1. Commuter permits available for any currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student.
  2. May not live in campus housing, and must reside more than one mile from the Durham campus and quarter-mile from any campus/downtown bus stop. See ineligible addresses/Commuter zone map.
  3. Must hold no other current UNH parking permit (motorcycle okay, same eligibility).
Campus Residents

Gables, Woodside, Resident East, Strafford, and Resident West

  1. Must be enrolled in a graduate or undergraduate class for the current semester.
  2. Must have a housing assignment in one of the on-campus dorms or complexes.  (Fraternities, sororities, and private Durham complexes are NOT on-campus).
  3. Woodside permits are restricted to Woodside residents; Gables permits to Gables residents; Resident East to any campus resident excluding Gables & Woodside residents; Strafford and Resident West permits to residents of any on-campus housing assignment.
  4. Must hold no other current UNH parking permit, including motorcycle/moped. Campus residents may hold EITHER a car permit or a motorcycle/moped permit, but not both. 
  5. Freshman campus residents are not ordinarily eligible to hold a Resident or Resident West permit.  Off campus jobs are NOT considered for exemption to this policy.

Wait List for Resident Student Permit Types.


Storage/perimeter parking at West Edge or Mast Road

  1. These permits are available to enrolled students who live in local off-campus addresses, e.g. Madbury Commons, fraternities & sororities, etc. (no campus housing assignment).

  2. [Starting AY'24-'25]  Freshman and Sophomores are not ordinarily eligible to hold a Non-Resident permit.


Faculty/staff hang-tag permits are sold year-round via the Virtual Counter or  the parking office. 

  1. Must have full or part time (non-student) employment with the University of N.H. with business on the Durham campus. 
  2. Must not live in Durham campus housing.
  3. Must hold no other current UNH parking permit except motorcycle or certain approved departmental permits.
  4. Annual renewals are conducted to permit holders in good standing each year by Aug. 31.  

Motorcycle and Moped Permits

Motorcycle (stickers) permits for students are sold online during online sales periods and over the counter at other times.  Permits for faculty and staff are sold at the parking office only.

  1. Motorcycle permits may be purchased by eligible faculty/staff, non-freshman campus residents, and commuters residing outside the commuter permit eligibility perimeter.
  2. Moped permits may be purchased by eligible faculty/staff, non-freshman campus residents, and any commuter. 
  3. Moped permits (stickers) for students are sold online in advance of semester openings for students, or over the counter at other times of the year. Faculty/staff may buy over-the-counter only. Moped permits are also subject to availability, and can and do sell out. Please see Moped Use & Safety document!
  4. Faculty/staff and commuters may obtain a motorcycle or moped permit by itself or in addition to a vehicle permit but may not have both vehicle and cycle on campus at once.
  5. Eligible campus residents may purchase either a car or a motorcycle permit but not both.

Other Permit Types

Limited specialized permits for other types of employees or campus affiliates are sold at the parking office.

Student permits from UNH Manchester and UNH Law are valid in Lot A or the West Edge Lot only.
Faculty/staff permits from UNH Manchester, UNH Law, Plymouth State University, and Keene State College are honored in Durham campus faculty/staff lots.

For other permit categories, see Article V of the Parking Regulations.

Additional Information

  • All permits are issued on a space-available basis, and no need shall result in automatic issuance of a permit.
  • Applicants may be required to provide documentation of eligibility, subject to verification or request for elaboration.
  • In all cases, an applicant must have no outstanding UNH parking tickets to purchase/renew a permit.
  • Other rules and regulations, procedures and policies related to parking and permit distribution apply.
  • If a person’s eligibility changes after a permit is purchased but before the normal expiration date, the permit shall become invalid with no refund or guaranteed exchange.
  • Visit the Permit Prices & Refund Policy page for a full list of prices.