See an issue in your building  that needs to be fixed? Let us know by filling out a  maintenance request!

Maintenance Request

For the following urgent issues, DO NOT use this form and call UNH Dispatch (603) 862-1437.

  • Any Leaking water
  • Plugged/Broken Toilets
  • Plugged Shower Drains/Sinks
  • No Heat/Hot Water
  • No Cold Water
  • Low/No Water Pressure 
  • Power Outages/No power To Outlets
  • Sparking Electrical Wires/Outlets
  • Lights Out Creating a Safety Issue or Making Your Room Too Dark
  • Stove/Fridge Not Working
  • Beeping/Broken Smoke Detector
  • Broken Exit Signs
  • Door Lock Not Working

If you are unsure you should always call.  

Call 911 for smoke, fire or any other life threatening issue


Extra Cleaning

Charge: $25 minimum -or- billed by the hour 

  • Removing food from carpets, walls, ceilings, stair, etc.
  • Removing sputum from walls, bathroom stalls, etc.
  • Cleaning food, tobacco chew, excessive tooth paste, etc. out of sinks/water fountains.
  • Cleaning excessive graffiti off walls.
  • Cleaning excessive shaving cream off sinks, stalls, floors, etc.
  • Cleaning hair that was left behind from a haircut done in the bathroom.
  • Any other similar cleaning.


Minimum charge is $25 per bag. Trash can leak on the carpets and create unsanitary conditions, and it has the potential to be a fire hazard. Students are responsible for disposing their own trash.

  • Emptying room trash into a bathroom trashcan.
  • Leaving room trash in the hallways or stairwells.
  • Leaving room trash in the lounges.
  • Emptying room trash into a lounge trashcan.
  • Pizza boxes not properly disposed.

Biohazardous Matter

Minimum of $100 per instance.

The following are chargeable: 

Urine, feces, condoms or vomit

  • Any matter found in the UNH housing facilities. (depending on the situation, may become a criminal investigation with the UNH Police Department)


  • Any blood clean up in bathrooms, hallways, walls, carpet, lounges, etc. If the incident was accidental and an attempt was made to clean up, no charge will occur. Situations that are accidental will be looked upon differently than ones that are purposeful. For example, a person who had a nose bleed and bled in the bathroom will be treated differently than an injury, resulting in blood loss, due to drunkenness or violence.

Lock & Combinations Changes

  • Lock Change & Cut Keys (Residence Halls) $65
  • Lock Change & Cut Keys (On-Campus Apartments) $75
  • Combination Change $25
  • Lost loaner ID card $25
  • Damaged Swipe Card Reader $400-$800

Room Cleaning

$50 minimum -for students leaving for the year and did not clean their rooms

Other charges

  • Spring-loaded door hinge tampering - $40
  • Screen Removal OR Screen Damage - $50 - $175 (depending on location)
  • Life Safety Equipment (fire extinguisher, smoke detectors, etc) tampering - $100

The Department of Housing does not collect nor require a damage deposit when a resident accepts on-campus housing; instead we bill for each incident that occurs. It is our belief this encourages a sense of ownership in the building by the residents and improves everyone's ability to control costs.

Through floor meetings and monthly postings of damages that have occurred in the building. Residents can also read a copy of the Room and Board Agreement. Reminders are also given in periodic residence hall newsletters.

The University does not provide insurance coverage for the loss or damage of residents' personal belongings. It is highly recommended that students protect their valuables by making sure their personal property is covered by an insurance plan that includes damage and loss.   Insurance agencies providing this type of insurance can be located online. 

The Hills The Valley The Timbers The Gables Woodside
Adams Tower West: 259 Alexander Hall: 051 Babcock Hall: 084 Gables A: 161 A-C: 281
Congreve Hall: 020 Devine Hall: 078 Christensen Hall: 096 Gables B: 162 D-F: 282
Jessie Doe Hall: 068 Engelhardt Hall: 044 Eaton House: 145 Gables C: 163 G-I:283
Lord Hall: 058 Fairchild Hall: 015 Hall House: 146 Gables North: 396 J-L: 284
McLaughlin Hall: 055 Gibbs Hall: 045 Hubbard Hall: 085 Gables  South:  397 M-O: 285
Sawyer Hall: 052 Hetel Hall: 022 Marston House: 147   P-R: 289
Scott Hall: 030 Hitchcock Hall: 059 Richardson House: 148   Community Center: 280
Stoke Hall:077 Hunter Hall: 046 Handler Hall: 301    
  Mills Hall: 016 Peterson Hall: 302    
  Randall Hall: 079 Haaland Hall: 303    
    Williamson Hall: 112    

Any destruction, theft, and vandalism to University property including furniture, walls, floors, and windows in student rooms and in common areas (stairwells, lounges, bathrooms, hallways).

Extra cleaning above and beyond normal housekeeping services is also considered billable damage.

On your UNH Webcat account.

Login to Webcat and select > Bill/Account Summary/View your student account

Click the actual damage charge to view a detailed breakdown. Only students viewing their own account have access to the detail breakdown

The bill for fall semester damages will be posted in early February and the bill for spring semester damages will be posted in mid-June.

  • Students
  • Hall Councils
  • Resident Assistants
  • Hall Directors
  • Property Managers
  • UNH Facilities
  • University Police and/or Durham Police Department
  • Department of Housing

The individual(s) who is/are responsible for the damage is/are accountable for the damage. Every effort is made to identify the responsible party.