Elizabeth Hogan

Liz Hogan

Area Coordinator for Apartment Living & Senior Summer Conference Manager
Phone: (603) 862-4416


  • B.A. Communication and Media Studies, Merrimack College
  • M.Ed. Student Development and Higher Education, University of Maine

About me


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Passion area(s):

  • Title IX
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Student Wellness

Why did you choose to become an Apartment Manager?

The most influential individuals in my life have been my past RAs, supervisors, Graduate Hall Directors, Assistant Directors and Directors of Residence Life who helped me along the way on my own journey through higher education. When I thought of where I wanted to be following my graduate studies, I knew I wanted to continue to impact the lives of students at an interpersonal level, in the many ways in which these individuals just mentioned above have done for me. There is something immensely powerful about living on, engaging with, and assisting students in their journey throughout college and helping them determine their trajectory. Being an Apartment Manager allows me to continue to work with and have an impact on students' lives each day, while also working with individuals both on the peer and supervisory level who help me to grow and flourish into the student affairs professional, I want to continue to be.

Why did you choose to work for Housing at the University of New Hampshire?

After supervising CAs in apartment style living as a graduate student at UMaine, I knew that I wanted to enter my professional career by seeking out a position that was live-on and an institution which brought me the same job satisfaction as my current graduate role did, while also providing me with opportunities to challenge myself. The sense of community on campus at UNH is incredibly strong. After meeting the housing team, other stakeholders in the office, and venturing around campus, it was evident that Housing at UNH was the perfect fit for me.

What advice would you give to students?

Connect. Engage. Talk with others. You will ALWAYS hear that it is incredibly important to get involved and meet other people in whatever capacity is comfortable for you. We say this for a reason! UNH buildings are beautiful, but the brick in those buildings do not help you feel warm and fuzzy and connected to campus. In engaging with others, you may meet lifelong friends and mentors who will stay with you for the remainder of your life. Engaging with others helps you to feel connected and is really what will make UNH feel like home for you.