You have come a long way already and filled out a lot of paperwork, but there are a few more things to take care of: passport/student visa, flights, money, housing, etc. The following information can help you with your To Do list.

Passports & Visa

In order to travel abroad you will need a passport. In order to study in your specific location, you may need a student visa issued by that specific country. Do not delay; it can take a long time to get these documents in order!

Below are passport and visa sites with information on how to acquire these official documents.


One major concern for study abroad students is the availability of reasonably priced flights overseas. While we do not endorse any particular airline or booking agent over others, this list of travel sites provides a good starting point to begin your search for flights.

Once you have booked your flight(s), make sure to upload your itinerary in the UNH International Travel Registry.

Health and Safety

Above all else, your health and safety while abroad is UNH’s number one priority. The best way to ensure your personal health and safety is to arm yourself with knowledge.

Travel guides

A good travel guide will get you a long way towards understanding the country you are going to be studying in prior to departure. Check out the following:

Money, Hostel, and other information

Many of your additional questions about logistics can be answered via the internet.


If you live on campus prior to your semester abroad, it is important that you petition to be released from your housing contract. It is also important that if you plan to return to on-campus UNH Housing after your semester abroad that you fill out the appropriate paperwork. This off-campus housing link provides a list of resources to help you determine and prepare for housing arrangements off campus after your study abroad experience.