Intern or Research Abroad

Are you considering an international experience that is different from the traditional study abroad path?  At UNH, we are committed to the globalization of your educational experience in a variety of ways.

An international experience could include:

  • International internships
  • Volunteering abroad
  • Conducting research abroad
  • International engagement on campus, such as joining an international organization or student group 

There are two paths to having an international experience:  the UNH Path, or the Independent Path.

To better understand what this means, ask yourself these questions and then follow the appropriate path below:

  • Am I fulfilling an academic requirement?
  • Am I earning UNH credit?
  • Am I traveling with a recognized student organization?
  • Am I traveling with a UNH faculty and/or staff member?
  • Am I participating on a trip that is supervised, arranged or sponsored by a UNH department or UNH faculty/staff?

I have answered YES to at least one of the above questions.

UNH Path

I have answered NO to all of the above questions.

Independent Path

I want to learn more about the variety of opportunities available to me.

International Experiences

I want to learn more about funding opportunities.

Funding Opportunities