As faculty members, research mentors and academic advisors, we recognize the importance of your role in the global education of students at UNH.  We thank you for supporting the increasing numbers of undergraduates who choose to study abroad; please consider how students might best fit an international experience into their plan of study.

Request Classroom Presentation

Education Abroad staff and study abroad returnees are happy to conduct classroom presentations about Study Abroad and the International Affairs dual major.  Please call 603-862-2398 or email study.abroad@unh.edu to schedule a visit. Advanced notice is appreciated so that we can accommodate your interests and schedule.

Study Abroad Course Planning Form

The Study Abroad Course Planning Form is an essential component to prior approval of transfer credit.  Students must meet with their academic advisor to discuss this form in detail.  Instructions for the advisor and student are clearly outlined at the beginning of the form. The student must download the form from their UNH-Via Dashboard once they have applied and are eligible to study abroad.

Registration While Abroad

Students abroad for a semester are required to meet with their academic advisor prior to departing for study abroad to map out their plan of study for the semester after their time abroad.  Each student will register via WebCat when in their host country; advisors must submit RAC numbers to their advisees via e-mail.  If the student cannot register via WebCat, then the advisor works to register the student on their behalf.

International Experiences

International experiences such as research, volunteering or stand-alone internships abroad are quite distinct from Study Abroad. There are two paths for students who seek an international experience, the UNH path and the Independent path.

An example of a UNH international experience could include a student group traveling abroad for a project, such as Engineers without Borders. Or an individual international experience such as an internship abroad that fulfills an academic requirement.

For more information about the international experience process, please refer advisees to the International Experiences page.

If you or your advisee(s) have questions, please contact Catherine D’Auteuil, Education Abroad Advisor/Program Manager. Or call 603-862-2398 and ask to speak directly to Catherine.

Developing Study Abroad Programs

If you are interested in developing a study abroad program, read this section for more information.

Advising FAQs

How does international transfer credit work at UNH?

Students must receive the equivalent of a U.S.  ‘C’ or better in order to receive transfer credit from abroad.  Grades are recorded on the transcript, but not calculated in the GPA.

Is it possible to study abroad if a student is in the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences (CEPS) or Life Sciences and Agriculture (COLSA)?

Yes, we have a comprehensive list of over 280 programs in 50 countries worldwide.  There are many opportunities for students in all academic disciplines.

How do I fill out the Study Abroad  Course Planning form?

You will find instructions in your UNH-Via account. Please follow the directions on the first page. 

Can I request additional course information/syllabi for the Study Abroad Planning form?

Yes, have the student get in touch with their program provider or their Study Abroad Advisor.

I received a course registration/planning form from a program provider. What should I do with it?

Please forward it to a Study Abroad Advisor at the Center for International Education and Global Engagement.

Can students study abroad in their senior year?

Yes, they can with the approval of their major department. However, the transcript may come in late and cause an issue for graduation or applying to grad school. The Global Education Center cannot guarantee when transfer credit appears on the UNH transcript. The Global Education Center and Registrar’s Office give high priority to processing. Students are responsible for completing all required graduation paperwork while abroad.

How do I develop a study abroad course/UNH Managed program?

Refer to the Global Education Center faculty development section.

University Committee on Study Abroad

The purpose of the University Committee on Study Abroad (UCSA) is to consider study abroad policies and procedures, evaluate, approve and review all programs, advise on the development of new programs, and serve as an advisory board to the Associate Vice Provost for International Programs on university-wide issues relating to study abroad. 

The Global Education Center oversees this committee, which meets several times each semester to facilitate campus-wide engagement and decision-making on policy and program matters concerning study abroad at UNH.

For more information about this committee, read the UCSA Bylaws.


Dr. Martin Wosnik CEPS Representative Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Dr. James Malley CEPS Representative Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Daniel Sedory CHHS Representative Associate Professor, Kinesiology
Sue Hertz COLA Representative Associate Professor, English
Andrew Ogden COLSA Representative Sr Lecturer, Agriculture, Nutrition, & Food Systems
Dr. Dovev Levine Ex Officio Member Assistant Dean, Graduate School
Laura Upham Ex Officio Member Assistant Registrar
Beth Kilinc Ex Officio Member Senior coordinator for Risk Management & Partnerships
Catherine D'Auteuil Ex Officio Member Education Abroad Advisor/Program Manager
Leonie (Leo) Meijer Ex Officio Member Education Abroad Advisor/Program Manager
Michael Merrill Ex Officio Member COLA Study Abroad Coordinator
Charlie Putnam Legal Counsel USNH Special Counsel