Our Programs

Understanding the types of UNH global programs will help you to narrow your search by making sure the program you choose meets your personal, professional, and academic goals. Regardless of the type of program, UNH will charge all students the Study Abroad Administration, International Insurance and Technology fees.

Program Types

UNH Faculty-Led Programs (UNH-Managed)

a group of students at sunset in Portugal
  • Developed by UNH faculty; administered by a UNH academic department.
  • You will be with other UNH students, although some also accept non-UNH students.
  • Take UNH courses that align with UNH curricula, making it easy to fulfill requirements.
  • Pay UNH tuition, plus program fees, and some UNH fees.  

Exchange Programs

  • Trade places with a student attending a select university abroad or within the U.S.
  • All courses and services are delivered by the host university. Housing is in shared apartments or dorms.
  • Recommended if you want an immersion experience studying with local students, relying on local services with no management or oversight by UNH or other U.S. provider.
  • Pay UNH tuition, some UNH fees. Pay housing costs directly to the host institution.

Partner (UNH-Approved) Programs

  • Managed by professional third-party providers or universities abroad.
  • Housing is arranged by the partner and cannot be opted out of.
  • Study abroad with U.S., local, and international students.
  • Apply to and pay the program provider directly. This includes foreign tuition, housing, on-site support, excursions, and sometimes meals. Some UNH fees apply.

For more details, see our Program Type Comparison Chart

Other International Experience (i.e. intern or research abroad)

  • These are UNH experiences abroad that do not involve taking formal classes for credit.
  • If credit is involved, it is arranged between an individual student and a faculty member typically as an independent study or internship.
  • Some UNH fees apply.  

For more details, see the Intern or Research Abroad page.

Individual Study Abroad 

 If after reviewing all the Faculty-Led, Partner, and Exchange programs, you cannot find a program that meets your academic requirements, there are a few options:

  • Review them again because the options below involve significantly more individual work and responsibility.
  • Formally request to have a non-approved program granted a one-time approval by completing a One-time Approval Petition. Please see your study abroad advisor to start this process.
  • Officially withdraw from UNH for the semester or year abroad.
  • Programs that are less than four weeks in duration generally are not considered for a One-time Approval Petition. Learn more about short-term study abroad.