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The Application Process 

Unless specifically advised by a UNH Global Education Advisor, students should apply to only one program. Students will apply to that one program in two places: 

UNH student in front of a cathedral in Europe
  1. UNH-Via, starting with study away eligibility check (see below)
  2. With the program director or partner/provider directly 
  • Login to your UNH-Via account with your UNH username and password.
  • Once you've selected the one program you wish to apply to, select “Start my Application."
  • Read & follow the instructions carefully. Use these Step-by-Step Instructions if you need more detail.
  • Check your email for messages from Via-No Reply. If you do not see them, check your junk folder and drag them to your inbox. You will use UNH-Via for submitting required paperwork and it will be our primary mode of communication with you!
  • UNH deadlines trump all others, unless partners have an earlier deadline.  Complete your application by the following deadlines:
    • October 1 (for most J-Term and Spring study abroad)
    • March 1 (for most Summer and Fall study abroad)
    • Some programs have earlier deadlines; check program specifics in UNH-Via
  • Once your UNH-Via application is submitted and approved, you will be given access to the required forms and documents, and a Canvas course. Some of these will take time and effort, so please read the instructions carefully and get started on them as soon as you can.  You cannot be registered for your program until these are completed.


Establish Eligibility

To study abroad or study away, first you must download the Study Away Eligibility Form, fill it out, and email it to the Dean's Office in your College the semester prior to studying abroad or away. This certifies that you meet the basic UNH Study Away Eligibility criteria. Individual programs or providers may have additional application or higher eligibility requirements. Check the requirements of the program you are interested in before applying.

The UNH Study Away Eligibility criteria are:

  • Be in good standing with UNH Community Standards at the time of application, time of departure, and throughout the study abroad or study away program.
    • A student who is on probation, regardless of the underlying violation, must petition through the Academic Standards and Advising Committee (ASAC) for permission to participate.
      • A student who has had a violation in the past may still be asked to petition.
      • Petitions will be available through your Dean's Office once you have submitted your study away eligibility form.
      • Contact your Dean's Office for more information.
  • For UNH Faculty-led Programs:
    • Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average at the time of application and departure. Students who have a cumulative GPA between 2.0 and 2.5 will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
    • Earned at least 12 credit hours at UNH at the baccalaureate level at the time of application.
    • Have a declared major at the time of application (students who are Undeclared may be considered on a case-by-case basis).
  • For UNH Partner and Exchange Programs:
    • Have a minimum 2.5 cumulative grade point average at the time of application and departure. Note that some programs have a higher cumulative GPA requirement.
    • Earned at least 32 credit hours at the time of departure (12 of which at UNH at Baccalaureate level).
    • Have a declared major at the time of application.

Study Away Eligibility Form

The UNH Study Away Eligibility form is one of many forms you must submit to UNH. It verifies that you meet both judicial and academic standards as set by UNH for study away programs, both at the time of application and prior to departure. The form must be submitted the semester before you go.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Download the form in the program application in UNH-Via.
  2. Fill out the top section, and save the form on your computer.
  3. Send the form to the Dean's office in your College (see e-mail address on form).
  4. Your Dean's office will fill out the second part of the form and return it to UNH Global.  We will notify you of the outcome through your UNH-Via account.

Please be aware that your Education Abroad Advisor cannot sign any forms from a study abroad provider or foreign university until the form has been approved and received from your Dean’s Office.

Please also note that another judicial and academic eligibility check will be performed just prior to departure. 

Thompson School of Applied Science

Students enrolled in the degree programs of the Thompson School of Applied Science (a division of COLSA) may participate in approved study abroad programs appropriate for two-year degree candidates. More information can be found here: