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Academic Year 2021-2022

John DeJoie, Lecturer, Social Work(CHHS) - Kenya

To further explore ways to develop a robust formal learning partnership between UNH and Kenya Connect.  Kenya Connect is a Kenyan Non-Governmental Organization based in Wamunyu, Mwala Subcounty of Machakos.  The mission of Kenya Connect is to empower and engage students and teachers in rural Kenya.  Its vision is to facilitate an empowered rural community “harnessing the benefits of education to drive sustainable development.”

Academic Year 2019-2020

Joyce Cappiello, Associate Professor, Nursing (CHHS) - Australia
To meet with groups of nurses and design a four university collaboration to study nursing curriculum in Australia, leading to a joint research project between nursing faculty at James Cook University, the University of Queensland, Central Queensland University and Queensland University.

Cindy Burke, Assistant Professor, Agriculture, Nutrition, & Food Systems (COLSA) - Costa Rica
To explore the possibility of a faculty led short study abroad program in the field of natural horsemanship and equine behavior.

Julie Bryce, Professor, Earth Sciences (CEPS) - Sweden
To examine the foundation for an exchange program with Stockholm University in the earth and environmental sciences and to further develop research links with Swedish researchers.

Nicole Gercke, Lecturer, Classics, Humanities, & Italian Studies (COLA) - Italy
To identify resources for further developing the Italian Studies program’s proposal for a summer Study Abroad program hosted by the Department of Classics, Humanities and Italian Studies.

MD Shadd Mahmud, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering (CEPS) - United Kingdom
To form strategic connections within multiple universities and to give a research presentation at the University of Oxford and a seminar at the University of Surrey.

Shawna Hollen, Assistant Professor, Physics (CEPS) - Switzerland
To take advantage of an opportunity to do hands-on work in a colleague's lab at Universität Zürich and to present at the international conference "Graphene 2019" in Italy.

Melinda Negrόn-Gonzales, Associate Professor, Business, Politics, and Security Studies (UNHM) - Turkey
To present a paper “Three Decades of Seeking Justice for the Disappeared in Turkey" and conduct interviews with activists for a book project on human rights activism in Turkey.

Becky Sideman, Full Extension State Specialist/Professor, Cooperative Extension (COLSA) - France
To attend the International Symposium on Advanced Technologies and Management for Innovative Greenhouses and present papers discussing research results relating to low-technology greenhouse production and season extension techniques.

Sherine Elsawa, Associate Professor, Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences, COLSA - Egypt
To work with a colleague at the Egyptian Atomic Energy Authority and present a research seminar on the tumor environment in cancer.