Student Information & Fees

UNH provides international travel assistance, emergency services and insurance to all students, undergraduate and graduate, traveling abroad on University-related activities. Some examples of covered activities include: studying abroad on a UNH Managed, UNH Exchange or UNH Approved program; interning or researching abroad for credit, fulfilling a UNH requirement or assisting UNH faculty; presenting your UNH- research at a conference; or traveling abroad with a UNH Recognized Student Organization.

You will be covered only while enrolled in your official UNH program or activity and only when you are outside the U.S. You will not be covered for personal travel before the program/activity begins or after the program/activity ends. Therefore, UNH recommends that you maintain your domestic coverage to insure continuation of coverage and care before the program begins, after it ends, and upon returning to the U.S.

There are two parts to this program

1. Assistance & Services—International SOS

International SOS is the premier international services provider, who will be there for you when emergency medical, personal, travel, legal, and security assistance services are needed when traveling abroad on UNH-related activities. One phone call connects you to the International SOS Network of staff trained to help resolve these issues. Services range from telephone advice and referrals to full-scale medical and security evacuations by private air ambulance. The International SOS Network of specialists operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from their Alarm Centers around the world. Since its founding in 1974, they have performed thousands of evacuations and repatriations.

Accessing International SOS information is easy and available on your membership card provided by UNH, by downloading the International SOS Assistance App, and online at At the prompt for the Members’ website log in, enter your UNH International SOS membership number: 11BCAS000009. The Alarm Center phone number is +1.215.942.8478 and can be called collect from anywhere in the world.

2. Insurance—University Health Plans

UNH has worked with its insurance broker, University Health Plans, to establish a unique international insurance program with Cigna and Lloyd's for UNH students abroad on UNH-related activities, which works in concert with International SOS. This insurance program is primary in all cases, but International SOS must provide all emergency services in order for the insurance to pay out the insurance benefits. Because of the special relationship between International SOS and the Plan Administrators, emergency management and health care decision-making is simplified. 

Information on the benefits and coverage, including definitions and exclusions, is available on the Benefits page.


All undergraduate students traveling abroad on University-related activities will be charged an International Travel Insurance Fee:

  • Less than 2 weeks: $35
  • 2-10 weeks: $70
  • 11 weeks or longer: $150/term

Graduate students will be charged this fee for UNH coursework abroad or study abroad programs, but not for research activities.

Additional Information —  for more details visit UNH International Travel & Insurance Program.

Explanation of Benefits & Coverage Information for Students

Insurance Eligibility

Students who are traveling internationally on UNH-related activities are covered by an international health, accident, emergency and travel assistance plan. UNH-related activities are defined as:

  • Activity supervised, led, arranged, or sponsored by an UNH department or faculty or staff member. This includes:
    • UNH-Managed, Exchange, and Approved study abroad, IROP/SURF/REAP, independent study, department approved internship, research for a capstone/thesis/dissertation, Fine Art competitions
  • Activity supervised, led, arranged, or sponsored by a University office, organization or by a University recognized student organization. This includes:
    • Athletic teams, Alternative Spring Break, Students Without Borders
    • Research sponsored or supported by a University research office unit or committee
    • Presentation at a conference about University programs, activities, or research

Students are not covered if they are traveling internationally for personal and/or leisure travel with the exception of allowed travel days as defined by the UNH program. UNH insurance coverage includes up to 7 days of personal deviation coverage. Personal deviation is defined as travel prior to or after the school-sponsored trip. Any personal deviation travel in excess of the 7 days is not covered and requires you to purchase your own personal travel insurance should you wish to be covered.

Insurance Program & Coverage – University Health Plans

UNH’s insurance plan is offered through University Health Plans. Please click on the links below to read the plan details.

Program Details & Usage

Part of the UNH International plan is membership in International SOS, which provide access to medical assistance and security services around the world.

  • The services provided by International SOS range from simple telephone advice, referrals to vetted providers to full-scale medical and security evacuations.
  • International SOS provides extensive pre-travel medical and security information and advice online or by telephone.
  • Click on the link above to review extensive information about International SOS.

  • Call International SOS (+1) 215-942-8478 and provide the UNH membership # 11BCAS000009.
  • If you made your own arrangements and payments, follow these instructions to file a claim.

Below is a limited list of exclusions. Students shall review the Cigna Medical Policy and Lloyd's Travel Policy to know and understand what is covered and what is excluded. Questions about excluded activities should be directed to University Health Plans at

  • Any and all expenses incurred for medical services or treatment in the Insured's country of permanent residence.
  • Travel for personal and/or leisure travel with the exception of allowed travel days as defined by plan coverage.
  • Dependents.
  • Routine care.
  • Dental Expenses unless the result of an accident to sound natural teeth or alleviation of sudden unexpected dental pain.
  • Eyeglasses, contact lenses, hearing aids, or examinations for prescription or fitting thereof.
  • Operating any type of vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any drug, narcotic or other intoxicant including any prescribed drug for which the Covered Person has been provided a written warning against operating a vehicle while taking it.
  • Travel in or on any off road motorized vehicle not requiring licensing as a motor vehicle.
  • Professional or recreational flying (e.g., sky diving, hang-gliding, aerial photography/exploration).
  • Injury or Sickness caused by war, or an act of war, whether declared or undeclared, riot, civil commotion or police action.

  • UNH recommends that students maintain their domestic health insurance to guarantee continuity of coverage pre- and post-international program.
  • Information about the UNH Student Health Benefits is available online.
  • Eligible students will be covered by the UNH International Travel plan even if they are not covered by the UNH Student Health Benefits Plan.

  • Students traveling on UNH-Managed, Exchange, Approved and UROP programs will register as part of their study abroad enrollment process.
  • Students traveling with a Recognized Student Organization must register with the MUB on Wildcat Link.
  • All other students should contact the Global Education Center at 603-862-2398 or

  • If you have questions about insurance benefits or exclusions for medical sickness/accident, trip cancellation/interruption/delay, medical evacuation/repatriation, political/natural disaster evacuation, contact University Health Plans at
  • If you have pre-trip questions about a health or safety issue, please contact International SOS.
  • For any additional questions, contact the Global Education Center, 603-862-2398, or email