Travel Assistance & Insurance Program

The University of New Hampshire requires every person studying abroad or traveling abroad on university-related business to be covered by our International Travel Assistance & Insurance policy.  Students are billed for this coverage automatically, and it cannot be waived or cancelled.  This cost varies, depending on the length of the travel, and is added to the student fees portion of the tuition bill.

Additionally, every student, faculty, and staff member traveling abroad on University-related activities must register their trip in the International Travel Registry. If you experience a medical emergency or security/natural disaster crisis, need a medical referral, lose your medication, or want to consult experts for pre-travel advice, UNH has a fully integrated program in place to ensure you receive the care and expertise you need, whenever and wherever you need it. 

The UNH international plan combines the products of two different providers: 

1. Travel Assistance - International SOS

The International SOS global network of critical care and global security specialists operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from their Alarm Centers. One phone call connects you to staff trained to help resolve medical and security issues and emergencies. Extensive travel information, including email alerts, is also available online. 

2. Insurance - University Health Plans (UHP)

UHP provides the international insurance program in concert with International SOS for UNH faculty, staff and students abroad on UNH-related activities. Because UNH travelers are only covered outside the U.S., domestic coverage must be maintained to insure continuation of coverage.

International Travel Assistance & Insurance Program Benefits

Please click on the links below to review the insurance program coverage and exclusions.

Additional Coverage Recommendations

The UNH international plan does not include coverage for flights, trip cancellation/interruption, trip extension, spouse/dependents, belongings or personal liability for activities unrelated to your UNH work or study. These plans must be purchased at an additional cost.

UNH recommends that travelers purchase trip Cancel For Any Reason/Interrupt For Any Reason coverage.* It is important to note that coverage must be purchased within 15 days of the initial trip payment (e.g., your deposit). Follow the link to build a customized quote based on your travel plans and how much of the cost you want to insure. Make sure to view plan details and check boxes to add on Interrupt for Any Reason and Cancel for Any Reason coverage.

View a brochure

Travelers may purchase Extended Travel or Spouse/Dependent insurance coverage as a consumer product directly from International SOS. In purchasing Extended Travel coverage, please note that the UNH program includes up to 7 days of personal deviation coverage (defined as travel prior to or after the school-sponsored trip).

For additional coverage that would include personal belongings or personal liability, you may want to research if this is included or could be added to renters' insurance, home owners insurance, credit card used to pay for trip, International Student/Teacher Identity card, or if these options are available for purchase at the Trip Cancellation/Trip Interruption link above.

*There is a small, limited trip interruption coverage only for traveler medical emergencies included in the Supplemental Travel Benefits. Refer to the Summary of Benefits above for details.

Claims Process

If you are a UNH Student, Faculty, and Staff traveling abroad on University-related activities, you are covered under the UNH International Travel Assistance & Insurance Plan.  This plan includes International SOS Travel Assistance Services, Cigna travel medical insurance, and Lloyd's security and supplemental insurance.

What is covered

The insurance plan covers most accidents and sicknesses.  However, it does not cover routine care or basic dental expenses (except for accident and alleviation of sudden pain).  If you want full details of what is and isn’t covered, plan details are available above in the Program Benefits section. If you have a medical or security emergency, International SOS can pay for your hospitalization or emergency services, make arrangements and monitor your situation.  International SOS also can arrange for payments and submit your insurance claim directly for you.

How to schedule a doctor’s appointment

Call International SOS for a referral, and they can arrange the appointment for you. You may request an advance payment, but it will take additional time to confirm.

How to file a claim

You will need to submit:

Once received by the company, your claim will be processed and paid according to the terms of the insurance policy.  Please note that you are responsible for the cost of any services not covered by the travel insurance plan.

If you have questions about a specific claim or a claims payment, email