Transportation Policy Committee

Chris Clement, Vice President for Finance & Administration
Chris Clement, Vice President
Finance & Administration

Welcome – Vice President for Finance & Administration

On behalf of the members of the University TransportationPolicy Committee (TPC), I am pleased to welcome you to the official TPC web page.  This site features the ongoing work ofthe Committee as well as links to related projects and issuesregarding the transportation system in UNH-Durham.

Charter & Goals

The UNH Transportation Policy Committee serves in an advisory capacity to the President and is responsible for making recommendations on the full range of issues that relate to transportation management, including parking policy and regulations. Recommendations will be formulated taking into account the teaching, research, and public service missions of the University and its long-range master plan; the transportation needs of faculty, staff, students, and campus visitors; mutual interests of the University and the Town of Durham with respect to transportation including regional transportation goals; and funding sources and levels that are realistic and feasible within UNH budgetary policies and constraints.

Committee membership includes appointed representation of core constituent groups including the Student Undergraduate and Graduate leadership, Faculty Senate, the Operating Staff Council, the Professional and Technical Staff Council as well as ex-officio participation from the Town of Durham, UNH Campus Planning, Transportation Services, Police, Grounds & Events, the Sustainability Institute, and UNH Manchester.

The overarching goal of the Committee is to guide the University toward a systemic transportation management plan emphasizing health and safety, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and fairness for all University constituents, consistent with priorities set by the Strategic Academic Plan and the master plan, and that focuses on both the supply and demand characteristics of transportation.

Charter Documents

The following documents represent the basis for all subsequent TPC work and the institution of Parking & Transportation Demand Management (PTDM) practices at UNH.

Committee Membership

Documents & Archives

This site makes available certain recent documents available for public inspection.  We also list a number of older documents that are available upon request.
Recent Documents

"TPC15 (2003-2018):  Transportation Policy Update

Following a twelve month discussion to update the University's 2003 foundational transportation policies,  an updated recomendation document was presented to and approved by President Dean in April 2019.

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