Student Permits

Student permits (decals) for the Durham campus are sold online in advance of semester openings, or over-the-counter at other times of year. Some categories are subject to availability, and resident permits do sell out. The permit selection form appears below during online sales periods, and will not be seen during other periods.

When the form is open, you may begin your application by selecting your preferred permit type below to read the corresponding information, agree to terms and conditions, and then proceed to to enter your order. Upon approval of your application, your permit will be delivered to you in the U.S. mail.

Whenever possible, students — not their parents — should apply for the permit so the permit user fully understands the regulations and terms of use.

If the form does not appear below, permit sales are conducted at the parking office only.

Wait list: When a permit category is sold out, clicking on the "Join Wait List" button will direct you to the wait list page. Eligible applicants will be selected from the wait list if/when space availability allows. If you are selected, we will notify you via campus email with instructions on how to claim the permit. You may also wish to investigate off-campus (private) parking options offered by area institutions.

Fall/Spring & Fall-Only Permit Sales - START HERE!

Please read the permit description, confirm eligibility, and click the select button.

Select  Commuter - $75 (2-semester option only)

Commuter students only (any year). Must live in a residence >1 mile from campus and >.25 from nearest campus/downtown Durham bus stop.  Eligible graduate assistants who purchase a fall/spring commuter permit and remain in an eligible program for the following summer term (as verified by the Graduate School) will be allowed a summer commuter permit at no additional cost.

SOLD OUT - Join Wait ListResident East - $450 (fall/spring), $300 (fall-only)

Non-freshman campus residents of any on-campus dormitory, excluding Gables and Woodside.

SOLD OUT - JOIN WAIT LIST  Gables - $450 (fall/spring), $300 (fall-only)

Non-freshman residents of the Gables apartment complex only.

SOLD OUT - JOIN WAIT LIST -  Woodside - $450 (fall/spring), $300 (fall-only)

Non-freshman residents of the Woodside apartment complex only.

Select  Resident West - $300 (fall/spring), $200 (fall-only)

Non-freshman residents of any on-campus dormitory or apartment complex.

Select  Non-resident - $750 (2-semester option only)

Students living in off-campus housing that falls in the area ineligible for commuter permits, e.g., Madbury Commons, Cottages, Lodges, River's Edge, etc. (not commuter permit eligible). Valid in Mast Road Lot only. Valid fall semester through summer semester.

Select  Moped - $75 (2-semester option only)

Commuters or non-freshman campus residents. Not available to students obtaining a Gables, Woodside, Resident East, Resident West or non-resident permit (campus residents can't have moped and car).

Select  Motorcycle - $75 (2-semester option only)

Commuters or non-freshman campus residents. Not available to students obtaining a Gables, Woodside, Resident East, Resident West, or non-resident permit.

Note: Students who have purchased commuter permit may obtain a motorcycle permit at no charge:  please come to the parking office - do not order online!