Parking FAQ

When is parking enforced?

All parking restrictions and regulations are enforced 24/7, including reserved and departmental spaces, service spaces, ADA/accessible spaces, load zones and no parking areas, and safety areas (fire lanes, crosswalks, etc.). Resident lot permit requirements are enforced 24/7. Commuter and faculty/staff lot permit requirements are enforced from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Visitor lot and metered hourly areas are enforced seven days, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (some campus metered hourly areas not within visitor lots are enforced 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday).  The winter parking ban restricts parking in most lots from midnight to 6 a.m., from Dec. 1 to April 1.

What about holidays?

UNH sets and observes its own list of university holidays. On UNH holidays, most offices are closed so permit requirements in commuter and faculty/staff lots are suspended and parking in metered areas is free. However, all other regulations, including permit requirements in resident lots, remain in effect.

Non-Holidays: Please note that there are some named holidays, e.g. Presidents Day,  that are not university holidays and so are treated like regular days. UNH also sometimes schedules no classes on certain weekdays (e.g., mid-semester break/Columbus Day or Thanksgiving Wednesday), which are also not UNH holidays, and thus treated like regular days. Please also note that ordinary days during the winter, spring and summer break periods are not holidays, and are treated like regular days.

Does UNH have a shortage of parking space?

While convenient parking can be scarce, there is sufficient parking for day-to-day operations. Some of it is just further away.

I never saw a sign that said I couldn’t do something ...

UNH can’t put signs to cover every possible situation.  Refer to the parking manual or contact the parking office.

I got a ticket. What do I do?

Payment is due within 14 days to avoid a late fee. Appeals may be made within 10 days. Both can be done online.

What happens if I don’t pay a ticket?

For students, unpaid amounts are reported to the Business Office and result in a “hold” on your  account, which could interfere with enrollment, grades, or transcripts. For employees, unpaid tickets will prevent you from renewing your permit. Additionally risks include credit reporting, further fines, towing, immobilization or other collection measures. 

My car has been towed, what now?

Release of vehicles held for fines requires confirmation of full payment of the  amount due. Learn how to recover a towed vehicle.

What’s the deal with the winter parking ban?

The winter parking ban (WPB) regulates seasonal after-midnight parking use, for more information please see the winter parking ban page.

Is there ADA/Accessible parking on campus?

Yes, there are more than 170 accessible spaces on campus. A state-issued permit or placard and a UNH-issued permit are required. Learn more about ADA/Accessible parking on campus.

Do I have other options besides bringing a car to campus?

Yes, Wildcat Transit serves the greater Seacoast area and the Campus Connector serves the UNH campus.

Who needs a parking permit?

Permits or hourly metered sessions are required for all parking areas, excluding timed loading zones, or when parked after 6 p.m. in faculty/staff or commuter lots. Areas not requiring a permit are still covered by other restrictions, e.g. time limits, winter parking ban, etc.

Do motorcycles, mopeds, or bicycles require permits?

Yes, motorcycles and mopeds require permits. No: bicycles. Permits are issued from the parking office. 

Do campus visitors need a permit? 

Yes, unless parked in a faculty/staff or commuter lot after 6 p.m. Students and employees may obtain guest permits in advance with license plate number.

Where can I get a permit?

Eligible students and employees may purchase permits from UNH Transportation. Visitors may purchase “pay & display” permits from kiosks located throughout campus. Special event permits may be issued through event organizers.

What if I have a permit, but forget to bring it, or I bring another car?

You must pick up a free temporary permit from the parking office during office hours. If you know you’ll be bringing another vehicle, you may obtain your permit in advance. You need to know you license plate number. 

Can I get a temporary permit if I don’t own a regular permit?

It depends on your circumstances. Contact the parking office.

I’ve lost my permit, what do I do?

Come to the parking office and fill out a lost/stolen permit form. A replacement permit is $20.

I’m leaving UNH. Can I sell or give my permit to a friend?

No. A parking permit is like a driver’s license, and can only be used by the person who obtained it.

I have a new car from the one I registered with my permit. What do I do?

Call the parking office to update your information, or submit this update form.

Do I need a permit for loading/unloading?

Loading zones are available throughout campus on a limited time basis and do not require a permit.

I have a permit, but couldn’t find convenient parking. What should I do?

Parking further away from your destination may be necessary during peak demand periods. The Campus Connector can bring you back to campus from the perimeter lots.

What is a UNH parking ticket statement?

Statements sent from Transportation Services are reminders of unpaid parking tickets. The tickets  are the actual bills. Statements may be sent via e-mail or regular mail.

How does UNH determine the responsible individual?

Vehicles are linked to individual permit registrations, ticket appeals or license plates. 

I have never been anywhere near UNH. How could I have a ticket? 

It’s possible that the person receiving the statement is not the person who was operating the vehicle when it was ticketed.

The parking ticket is pretty old; why am I getting statements now?

Sometimes it takes time identify an owner and/or accurate billing address. Again, the ticket is the bill. Not getting a prompt reminder does not excuse the ticket.

Does it take a long time to trace a plate?

It can. Unidentified plates are not traced immediately after a ticket is issued on the chance that the ticket will get paid without a trace. Plates sent to out-of-state motor vehicle departments can take several weeks to return. Sometimes a department of motor vehicle response requires additional investigation to form an association with an owner. 

What if I don’t remember getting a ticket?

Tickets are placed under driver-side windshield wipers, but we have no way to ensure the ticket is picked up by the driver. No enforcement agency can accept “I never got the ticket” as an excuse to get out of paying.

I don’t agree with the issuance of the ticket or the parking rules.

Not agreeing with the regulations or enforcement policy does not mitigate the violation. UNH provides a 10-day opportunity to contest a ticket for an enforcement error or an extreme extenuating circumstance.

Okay, these tickets are mine, how can I pay for them?

The payment options are presented on the statement. Paying online is the fastest method.