Special Event Parking

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Note:  Our UNH Event Service Portal for parking events is temporarily out of service.  For now, please use the webform below on this page.

Special Event Parking Rates

Effective Jan. 1. Rates and surcharges subject to change.

Core Lots (Lots D*, Sage Way, Campus Crossing, or Edgewood Road Visitor Lot)

Day permits (more than 4 hours): $10 per space
Half-day* permits (4 hours or less): $6 per space
*Half-day rates not applicable in Lot D; all reservations there will be charged at the day permit rate.

Perimeter lots (West Edge, Mast Road)

Day permits: $6 per space

Other rates

Saved faculty/staff or commuter spaces, after-hours or on weekends: As priced above
Unsaved faculty/staff or commuter spaces, after-hours or on weekends (no parking in resident or other reserved spaces): $0
Lot attendants, per hour: $40 - Due to staffing shortages, UTS supplied lot attendants are not presently available.


Reservations made with less than 48-hours notice: $25
Cancellations to existing reservation made with less than 24-hour notice: Full balance will be charged.

Notes and policies

The rates for permits/space are per unit per day. 

Charges for the requested permits/spaces applies whether or not the full number of anticipated attendees arrives to use the parking spaces.

"Saved" means reserved by means of signage and/or barriers preventing use by other motorists. ("Not saved" means the opposite.)

Event parking in campus core is normally limited to Campus Crossing, Edgewood, Sage Way and Lot D.

Event parking in campus perimeter is normally limited to West Edge and Mast Road lots.



Request Special Event Parking

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